Major national retailers in the grocery, electronics, hardware and healthcare sectors, to name just a few, have been getting their flyers printed by TC Transcontinental for over 35 years.

Without question, the Corporation owes its reputation for excellence largely to its development of innovative products and services, particularly in the area of flyer production. TC Transcontinental is Canada's leading flyer printer, with a coast-to-coast network of state-of-the-art facilities, as well as a plant in California that is achieving great success in the United States.

This extensive network also gives regional and local retailers access to a comprehensive array of services, from premedia to door-to-door distribution and from database analytics, email campaigns, inclusion in online directories, advertising in our newspapers to flyer printing and repurposing print into Web-based content.


The world of publishing--newspapers, magazines and books--has been radically transformed in recent years. More than ever, publishers need a dependable partner who can reliably and effectively optimize their production and keep their printing costs under control.

With TC Transcontinental what they find above all is a provider who can help them deliver their content on new platforms and promote it using a true multi-channel strategy.


TC Transcontinental has over 165 daily and weekly newspapers and 3500 websites that the Corporation owns or represents. 

Advertisers are able to draw on the various communities of interest that TC Transcontinental has created specifically for them by developing multi-channel marketing strategies that make use of the Corporation's print publications, websites, online directories and door-to-door distribution of advertising material.


Marketing professionals
Building on their creativity and their cutting-edge marketing strategies for agencies, organizations or large corporations, marketing professionals find that TC Transcontinental is their ideal partner:  one who understands the issues and plans every facet of production:  databases and analytics, content creation, photography, premedia, printing, email campaigns, multi-channel marketing, door-to-door distribution, and even event management. All the bases are covered with speed and professionalism!


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
Small and medium-sized businesses represent an important segment of TC Transcontinental's customer base. Due to their size, SMBs do not always have the internal marketing resources needed to develop and execute all of the tasks required for effective promotion and publicity.

TC Transcontinental augments this market's slim resources by providing the strategy, tools and audiences to match their needs and their targets. SMB customers include local advertisers, service-sector companies, manufacturers, and a variety of private and public organizations.