About TC Transcontinental Printing

Shaping the Future of Print in a Multiplatform World

Founded in 1976, TC Transcontinental Printing has grown steadily over the years to become the largest printer in Canada and the third largest in North America.

We have featured innovative print solutions combined with multiplatform strategies that generate results. We serve key audiences including book, magazine and newspaper publishers, as well as retailers, cataloguers, marketers and their advertising agencies.


Printing, mixed with other platforms, is the primary driver of marketing communications today. Under the new brand TC Transcontinental Printing, we help customers maximize results by smartly incorporating print with media, digital, interactive and mobile, helping publishers and marketers deliver their content through the right media at the right time.

We are constantly strengthening our print and digital assets in Canada with the singular goal of helping our customers better attract, acquire and retain their target audiences through our unique, client-focused offering that combines mass and tailored solutions.




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