Our Management Philosophy

We value Innovation, Teamwork, Respect and Performance. We create a workplace that offers exciting challenges, promotes collaboration, trust and creativity. We develop people's potential and ensure their professional growth by working in partnership with them. We empower our people and reward performance by delivering results and embracing our values.

We have 4 core competencies: Leadership, Building Expertise, Critical Thinking and Delivering Results. We expect everybody to play a leadership role. Continuous learning and knowledge sharing are what we allow us to succeed and create value for our pillars: customers, employees, shareholders and community. We are accountable, we take ownership of our decisions and use our judgment to assess situations and do what needs to be done.

We rely on a light structure and processes that enable us to be proactive, flexible and deliver results. We believe in sharing information and nurturing frank and open dialogue, both internally as well as with our customers and partners. We are a responsible and active player in the communities where we do business.


Our Values

TC Transcontinental's values set out the behaviours and qualities to which we aspire. We apply them in all interactions. They guide us through our challenges and help us to make the right decisions. These values make up the way we want to do business.


  • We have honest and respectful behaviours that foster open communication.
  • We are straightforward and real issues are solved with real actions.
  • We accept that ideas can and should be challenged to be improved.
  • We care for the communities where we do business and are known as a respectful and trusted partner.


  • We challenge the status quo and continuously improve our way of doing things to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.
  • We venture into new areas of opportunity.
  • We have the courage and judgment that risk taking requires.
  • We take initiative and learn from every experience.


  • We work collaboratively with our partners across organizational boundaries to offer relevant and integrated solutions to our customers.
  • We take responsibility for our own contributions as well as for the team's results.
  • We create a stimulating environment that fosters expertise sharing and development.
  • The success of our customers drives what we do.


  • We strive to be among the best in our industry.
  • Our culture of personal accountability and pride in what we do is embraced by all of our employees.
  • Our customers know they can depend on us to deliver on their needs.
  • We are always looking for new ways to create value for our customers and shareholders.