Live the TC Transcontinental experience

Come activate your talent with us

We all want to achieve our full potential in our lives and work. At TC Transcontinental, we can help you realize your goals and develop your skills and talents.

Central to this process is our focus on innovation, as exemplified by our Innovation Challenge. This annual competition rewards the best and most innovative ideas generated through the voluntary participation of employees. Plus, to diversify the talent in our teams and ensure employees remain interested and top-performers, we encourage our staff to seek promotions and lateral transfers within the organization.

TC Transcontinental also offers you other advantages, such as:

  • Performance and individual development (PID) coaching for each employee
  • Co-development and training groups for managers
  • In-house professional development programs
  • Tuition refunds for courses taken outside the company

A stimulating workplace

TC Transcontinental offers a state-of-the-art workplace where teamwork and challenging yourself are part of the job, no matter what position you're in or where you work.

We listen to what you need and support your career aspirations while offering many benefits to you and your family, including:

  • Comprehensive employee benefits and assistance program (EAP)
  • An environment that encourages a good work/life balance
  • Many program to promote health, safety and wellness
  • A safe workplace and the most modern equipment

Make a difference: get activated at TC Transcontinental !

Every employee has the opportunity to employ his or her skills, take on challenges and work on projects that make a difference to the organization. By working together, we help turn the company's vision into a reality and produce top-quality products and services.

TC Transcontinental is a major public corporation. It is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and has strong and very inspiring entrepreneurial roots. The Company adheres to strong values in everything it does and encourages the acquisition of core competencies, including expertise, leadership, critical thinking and results.  

As demonstrated by its commitment to sustainable and harmonious development, TC Transcontinental is a responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which it operates. This commitment is fundamental to our culture and our values of respect, innovation, performance and teamwork.

Make a difference: join the TC Transcontinental team and activate your talent with us.