TC Transcontinental Printing's Fulfillment Solutions Bring Greater Efficiencies to Transat's Complex Literature Management Program

Customer Challenge

Providing catalogues and other travel literature to Transat's 6000 Canadian travel agencies is a complex task. Transat's multiple seasonal launches include 15 to 20 different catalogues and brochures available in English and French. Forecasting print and distribution quantities has been somewhat imprecise and has often resulted in costly under- and over-shipping.

As a long-term print provider of the company's catalogues and other travel materials, Transat turned to TC Transcontinental Printing for advice in optimizing their literature fulfillment program. Transat then selected TC Transcontinental Printing to execute the program after completing a rigorous request for proposal (RFP) process.


To increase efficiencies and streamline the process, TC Transcontinental Printing recommended using its proprietary fulfillment software to create secured and branded web portals for each agency to order their travel literature. The software is designed to keep track of inventory and distribution data, to receive the orders and to facilitate the process of preparing the kits and shipping the orders to individual agencies.

To gain greater visibility into the agencies' actual quantity requirements, TC Transcontinental Printing incorporated a coding system into the software that allowed Transat to:

  • Control the quantity of brochures allowed by each agency
  • Track the quantity of each printed piece an agency ordered and re-ordered

Based on the real-time information provided by the coding, as well as the historical data, TC Transcontinental Printing was then able to analyse agencies' behaviours over a six-month period and recommend more accurate quantities for subsequent distributions, reducing both waste and re-ordering costs substantially.