Video services: active communication!

Video is now an integral part of any brand communication strategy. It can be used to show how to use a product, share expert opinions, profile well-known personalities, etc.

Video creates an emotional connection and engagement and can be shared with family and friends. It adds movement to marketing, no matter what the channel: online, out of home (OOH), digital signage, portable media (e.g. smart phones, iPads, Kindle), in-store narrowcast networks, etc.

We can capture images at special events, product launches, conferences, seminars or webinars, and retransmit them on our platforms and websites.

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Our services include the following:

  • Integrating the video strategy into the overall communications and digital strategy
  • Creating branded video content based on consumer insights and target market research that showcases the customer's brand
  • Using special equipment to extract individual frames that are good enough to be used as stills for print, online, mobile and digital media
  • Connecting video with mobile applications and QR codes
  • Collaborating with a number of studios and production houses when necessary