The TC Transcontinental Integrated Strategy

We put our expertise to work on developing the right approach, using the channels best suited to reaching our customers' goals and targets. A diversified, multi-channel approach is the best way to engage customers in the buying process.

The purchase path is different for different types of customers, so it's important to be present in the places where customers are getting and sharing information.

We also look at each communication channel and develop the best strategy using the following tools:

  • Content and media drivers, such as development of branded content, creative, photography, copywriting, video services, etc.; our own network of magazines, books, newspapers and social media for reaching customers and communities of interest; print, online and mobile ads; promotions, special events, conferences and seminars
  • Printed products, using magazines, catalogues, inserts, direct mail, newspapers, etc.
  • Distribution of assets
  • Interactive and digital products, using websites, keyword promotions, e-publishing, email marketing, e-flyers, social media, online directories, partnerships with many websites, etc.
  • Mobile services such as mobile websites and apps, SMS, social media, couponing & ticketing, mobile commerce, advertising, and much more

Once a project is launched, we measure the results and adjust the programs in real time (for digital and interactive channels) to ensure active customer participation.