Food safety - Packaging

Simply put, Food Safety is ingrained in who we are

While we may not be an actual food processing plant, we certainly think like one. TC Transcontinental Packaging facilities operate under the premise that our packaging is an essential ingredient in food products, which is evident from the moment you step into one of our production facilities.

Our top-down philosophy supports sound sanitary practices - ensuring ALL personnel in each facility (including visitors) follow stringent hygiene policies, procedures, and protocols - reducing the risk of product contamination and the possibility that such a product could reach the consumer.

Food safety - PackagingThrough transparency, accountability, performance measurement and compliance, TC Transcontinental Packaging's customers are assured that quality and food safety standards are being fully implemented. 

The Big 5 of Food Safety Practices (Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Traffic Patterns, Infrastructure, Equipment Design and Sanitation) is at the core of our quality philosophy. We monitor our environment monthly for pathogens, including production and storage areas and all equipment. We also perform 120 Internal Food Safety Observations (FSO's) on a monthly basis, and have systems in place for roll-to-roll traceability.  Now that's dedication to food safety!

Food Safety Certifications

  • SQF Level 3
  • SQF Level 2
  • AIB Superior Ratings
  • IMS (Interstate Milk Shippers) approved