Converting - TC Transcontinental Packaging

Through vision, innovation and technical expertise, we have emerged as a leader in the manufacture of custom bags and pouches.   Offering a vast spectrum of sizes, shapes, and styles, we are the one stop shop to meet all of your bag and pouching needs including stand-up pouches through to true flat bottom bags and ultra specialized bags for produce, bakery, and deli products. 

Our impressive line of structural options combine features that maximize shelf space, provide convenience and functionality, and deliver great value.  Our in-house R&D Teams are always on hand to develop technical solutions tailored to your market's unique packaging needs be it portability, durability, sustainability, and speed to market.

TC Transcontinental Packaging houses multiple high-tech, customized, high-speed pouching lines offering product variety, as well as, ensuring we can meet changing volume demands any time of the year. 

  • Team of in-house package design engineers
  • Specialty multi-web pouch and bag making lines
  • Extensive variety of products:
    • Stand-Up Pouches
    • Quad Seal and Box Bags & Pouches
      • True Flat Bottom
      • Pinch seal
      • Fold and glue
  • Large Capacity Bags
  • Terminated Gussets
  • Machine-direction laser scoring
  • Auto-wicketing
  • Specialty & custom features
    • Fitment values
    • De-gassing values
    • Embedded hangers
    • Diecuts
  • Wide range of secure closure options
  • Reinforced handles
  • Micro/macro perfing
  • Windows for viewing product
  • Eco-friendly options
  • Fully staffed, in-house machine shops providing 24/7 machine repair support