Flexographic printing - TC Transcontinental Packaging

At TC Transcontinental Packaging we achieve an unrivaled level of flexographic print quality with a combination of first-on-continent, leading-edge technology coupled with printing and color management expertise. 

Outstanding Reproduction

We are constantly pushing the envelope to attain the utmost in outstanding graphic reproduction, it is commonplace for our team to reproduce challenging images that annunciate your brand image and maximize shelf appeal. When it comes to reproducing smooth vignettes, sharp details, intense colors, high contrasts and highlights our on-site graphic service teams shine and deliver stunning print that jumps off the shelf.

We offer High Definition flexographic printing that delivers enhanced detail, stronger colors and an overall improved appearance, and Extend Gamut 7 color process printing provides you with the opportunity to further boost appealing color.

Our commitment to on-going investment provides our client with access to first of its kind technology geared to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and, most importantly put the wow factor into your package.


Flexographic Printing Capabilities:

  • Narrow and Wide Web
  • Flexographic Printing on paper and film
  • High Definition Flexographic Printing
  • Extended Gamut - 7 color process
  • Up to 11 Color printing
  • Up to 175 line screen reproduction
  • In-line registered coatings providing exacting coating registration, as well as, time and cost efficiencies
  • Inline vision technology to protect against defects and enhance quality controls.

Take advantage of first-on-continent press technology installed in 2016!