Laminating - TC Transcontinental Packaging

Our expansive range of lamination capabilities allows the manufacture of multi-layer, high-barrier, high performance laminations that deliver rock-solid bonds.

Our team works relentlessly to construct custom tailored, high-barrier sealants and laminations for your unique application.   Our laminations are produced to stringent quality specifications using a broad range of materials including: PET, foil, OPP, LDPE, HDPE, CPP, nylon, metalized films, paper and much, much more.

Laminating - TC Transcontinental Packaging

Our R&D teams have diverse experience in numerous specialty markets and therefore are resourceful and knowledgeable; with a history of creating custom developed films that meet our customer's barrier requirements while attaining aesthetic and machine related performance needs. 

Our high barrier laminations have proven to provide resistance and containment for the most demanding of applications, are abrasion and heat-resistant, and can withstand the rigors of product handling and the environment.

Producing high-speed films and laminates for efficient processing

  • Installation of brand new lamination technology in multiple facilities (2016)
  • Multi-station lamination equipment
    • Extrusion laminating (coex) – Up to 5 layers
    • Triplex laminator
    • Duplex laminator
  • Solvent Based, Water based, Solventless Laminations
  • Cold-seal capability
  • Wide variety of registered coating techniques
  • High-barrier sealants and encapsulations
  • Complete range of barrier coatings including PVDC, Nano, etc,
  • Full range of conductivity coatings, surface finishes including, matte, gloss, and specialty.
  • Non-forming VLCC films, experience with films for wide range of equipment, industries and end-uses
  • Laminations for Specialty Markets that include liquids and gels, acids, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, cleaning products, cleaning liquids, electronics, and agricultural
  • Eco-friendly solutions including bio-compostable films and laminations
  • In-house slitting & laser-scoring