Research and development - TC Transcontinental Packaging

Market-Driven Research & Development

Innovation is not simply a word to TC Transcontinental Packaging, it is a core value and fostered mindset, one that we live every day and share with our customers.

At TC Transcontinental Packaging, our innovation and R&D efforts revolve around our customer's unique requirements as we strive to provide them with a commercial advantage and a competitive edge.  We offer purposeful innovation and work collaboratively to craft unique solutions for their flexible packaging requirements.  

Our differentiating factor is our rich resource of experienced and impassioned talent who thrive on challenge and bringing forth breakthrough ideas. Our wealth of knowledge with barrier, sealants, resins and additives combined with our unique mixture of equipment and resources is an ideal model for advanced solutions. 

Our history is dotted with scores of innovations that have fulfilled our customer's needs for sustainability, reduced lead times, and unique packages that provide consumers with utility and function.  Progressive thinking matched with our technology forms the perfect combination in bringing innovative packaging solutions to life.

  • Innovation and R&D efforts in-step with market evolution
  • Broad view and experience in multiple markets
  • Product analysts and testing in fully equipped on-site labs
  • History of Innovative and customized product development that has driven:
    • Cost Savings
    • Sustainability goals
    • Ultra-quick, speed-to-market
    • Improved barrier to gases, moisture and flavors
    • Improved machine performance
    • Enhanced durability
    • Functionality & convenience
    • Packaging design innovations