Use innovative print technologies to build more advertising revenue

Staying on top of innovative print technologies is critical for publishers who want to help advertisers reach their target audiences in faster, less expensive and more creative ways.

Here are some techniques to help make your covers perform for you and your advertisers:

  • Synthetic cover papers. Synthetics like Yupo are 100% recyclable, waterproof and tree-free. They're also beautiful, smooth and bright white. Apply a little innovative graphic design to create eye-catching imagery that makes your magazine stand out on the newsstand or in the mail stack. Synthetics are also adding value to source books and other special issues with a longer shelf life.
  • Flip book cover. Let the reader create different effects with your cover image, like changing the features on a face. You create this effect by perforating the front cover with the subsequent two leaves (2nd and 3rd covers). Keep in mind that the creative must line up precisely for this execution to work.
  • Lenticular printing. This is a technology in which a lenticular lens is used to produce images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the reader views the cover from different angles. You could do anything from showing a winking eye to a product in motion. Or perhaps a message that changes depending upon the angle viewed would work for you or your advertisers.
  • Peel and reveal covers. The ability to peel away a portion of the cover to reveal a full-colour message provides additional highly valuable real estate to supplement the coveted inside front cover. It's also a clever way to incorporate interactivity while committing very little advertising space to the actual front cover. It's a best of both worlds scenario.
  • Special folds. Creative folds are effective and economical. Nothing pulls like cover ads, and research shows that special folds attract even greater attention. Gatefolds are the most popular and create a powerful cover spread. Double gatefolds, also called panoramic spreads, offer a spectacular foldout spanning both covers. They work extremely well as a centre spread, too.

Still more revenue-generating ideas

Put these ideas into your ad sales kit to build more revenue:

  • Tip-ons. Especially in booklet form, tip-ons can communicate long or complicated messages. They can also be easily removed for future reference, and the advertiser may already have an existing piece to use.
  • Dot whacks and repositionable notes. Dot whacks are available in many different colours, substrates and shapes, while repositionable notes are not only great for gaining attention, but also provide a removable reminder for contact information or other messaging.
  • Bind-ins and blow-ins. Great for measuring ROI through coding and can serve as a postal mailing device. Plus, the heavier paper provides stopping power by "breaking the book."

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