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Use retail flyers to drive store traffic and sales

Retail flyers are one of the most effective advertising investments you can make. A recent Primir study indicated that North American retailers spent more than $20 billion on flyers in 2010.

The reason is simple: Retail flyers are easy to use, save shoppers time and money, display more information than other sources of printed advertising and can reach specifically targeted audiences cost-effectively. What's more, retail flyers work well with other media. In short, a fantastic tool to build sales and ROI by increasing your in-store and online traffic.

TC Transcontinental prints more retail flyers than anyone in Canada, offering retailers a variety of formats including:

  • Tabloid
  • Broadsheet
  • Maxitab
  • Minitab
  • PFF
  • Magazine/Catalogue

No other printer offers more format choices than TC Transcontinental. Gone are the days when your program must conform to a supplier's narrow range of options. And our in-line finishing provides extensive options for saddle-stitching, saddle-gluing, in-line trimming and quarter folding.

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Get the retail flyer advantage from TC Transcontinental

The money we put into equipment is focused on making your flyer programs more successful, whether your print runs are long or short. For example, our high-speed folders enable multi-versioning for more precise targeting. And we're the only North American print provider using hybrid press technology. Each of our hybrid presses is a double-duty device that brings flexibility, high productivity and new opportunities through an innovative print platform. The presses combine coldset and heatset (or UV) web units featuring multiple cut-off sizes.

Some of the advantages of hybrid presses include:

  • Quality 4-colour reproduction on coated paper or newsprint
  • Compressed production cycles
  • Magazine-quality print with lead times as short as 24 hours
  • Unique products that combine coated and newsprint sections in a single press pass

But our commitment to you goes beyond innovative technology. Our world-class service and strategically located facilities across Canada help you meet the weekly challenges of the retail industry. We can print identical flyer formats in any facility throughout the network to reduce distribution costs and time to market. This built-in flexibility also means that work can be shifted from one facility to another to accommodate anything from over capacity to a natural disaster.

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