A responsibly managed product and a flexible and mesurable solution to reach target consumers

In 1978, TC Transcontinental launched its door-to-door flyer distribution activities. Today, we are the leader of flyer distribution in Quebec.

activité économique  Publisac stimulates economic activity: it is an effective marketing vehicle for retailers and a relevant pre-shopping tool for consumers. 

 Publisac is a product that is entirely recyclable: the printed content and the Publisac plastic bag are both 100% recyclable.

personne  Publisac has now become an integral part of the purchasing process for more than 6 million Quebec consumer:  it reaches more than 3.5 million households in Quebec and 5.1 million readers weekly. Its website, publisac.ca, reaches 90,000 unique visitors eager to get more content each month. Also, knowing that 88% of Canadians are proud to get great value for their money and that 80% of Canadians study flyers, promotions and discounts before their shopping trips, Publisac definitely meets consumers' needs and is part of their consumption habits.

Our objective: reach consumers right at their doorstep thanks to a door-to-door distribution.

Our result: increasing of in-store traffic. 


Publisac bonhomme