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Produce Pouches


Fresh N Tasty® Produce Pouches

Promote your fresh produce department 

Steam N Eat® Pouch is the alternative for retailers wanting to provide their consumers with a fresh addition to ready-to-eat meal kits. The pouch is designed with customized laser venting technology that allows the produce to cook evenly while keeping the taste and nutritional benefits of steam cooking with all the convenience of their microwave. Allows the consumer to save prep time and clean up.

Currently, pouches with this technology are found in the frozen aisle or prepacked at the processor level. Retailers can now offer a fresh and healthy alternative to consumers who prefer fresh over frozen.

Our Fresh N Tasty® Bulk Produce can be used for a variety of un-cut produce items. The high clarity pouch gives a clear view of the product, an easy carry handle and recloseable zipper for convenience. Consumers love the time savings of purchasing prepackaged produce.


Fresh N Tasty


APPLICATION: Fresh Produce


Steam N Eat® Pouch 

  • Fresh Alternative – builds consumer loyalty by providing an alternative to frozen

  • Increases Rings – consumers will pay a premium price for convenience

  • Meal Solutions – gives produce department a way to offer ready-to-eat side dishes, providing a healthy alternative for lunch or dinner

  • Consumer Convenience – easy open feature, easy carry handle, reduces cook time, easy prep and clean up

  • Uniform Venting – for proper heating, maintains produce flavor

Fresh N Tasty® Bulk Produce 

  • Increased Sales Volume – encourages higher rings

  • Food Safety – prevent contamination from consumer handling

  • Reduces Shrink – more product sold aids in managing turns

  • Consumer Convenience – easy carry handle, resealable, time savings

  • Versatile Pouch – beans, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, apples, oranges, grapes, tomatoes and more

  • Freshness Retention – macro perforations extend shelf-life

Our Commitments 

Research & development has resulted in pouch technology that has transformed the plastic packaging industry. 

Superior design makes our pouches reliable, efficient and the most advanced in the supermarket perimeter. 

Our pouches are simply the most effective packaging solution, offering exceptional options for customization.

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