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TC Transcontinental has partnered with leading lawn and garden brands for over 30 years. We understand the fluctuating nature of the lawn and garden industry and are proud to support our customer’s intense seasonal demands without fail. We know the need for tough, durable packaging that performs in the most challenging environments, and we deliver. Year after year, we’ve provided a wide variety of solutions for bark, mulch, sand, stone, fertilizer – you name the product, and we’ll offer the optimal packaging solution, along with customizable convenience features.

Not only does our superior chemical barrier packaging guarantee preservation and safe transportation of lawn and garden products, but our award-winning, 10-color printing further sets our packaging apart by standing out on the shelf. Our top-of-the-line graphics are sure to catch the consumer’s eye and have them reaching for your product. Our expert team will help with package design, supporting a relaunch, applying color management to ensure brand integrity, and much more.

A home isn’t complete without a lawn and garden to match. We’re passionate about fulfilling our supply chain role in the lawn and garden industry to provide the best products for consumers to make their yards shine. 



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Health and Financial Benefits to Gardening 

of consumers believe that homegrown produce is healthier than store-bought 
72% believe that growing their own food saves them money!


Opportunities to Expand Growth for Lawn and Garden Products

  • Expand the consumer demographic to include apartment tenants by offering indoor gardening options

  • Promote gardening as a means of improving mental wellness, emphasizing gardens as places of beauty, solace, and creativity

  • Respond to consumers rising concerns about lawn chemicals by offering ingredient transparency and environmental assurances

Market knowledge is vital to keep on top of evolving trends and to anticipate what the consumer is expecting. We’re here as a partner to provide market, consumer, and industry insights so that you can remain ahead of the curve and well-prepared.

Our large extent of assets dependably meet seasonal demands 

The lawn and garden industry is unique in its fluctuating demand that spikes each year in early Spring. We have an extensive network of assets to keep up, no matter the quantity.

Not only can we meet the need for large quantities, but we can produce large bags as well. Manufacturing the big bags required for lawn and garden products is effortless at every point in our vertically integrated production process.

Hit your seasonal peaks stress-free by partnering with a packaging provider who can meet all of your size and quantity needs.


38% of consumers work on their lawn/garden as a form of exercise, and 25% see their garden as a source of fresh, healthy food.

Health is increasingly becoming a chief motivator for consumers, and gardening is seen as an activity that provides several physical health benefits. 

Not only is gardening an effective way to stay active, but it also offers the reward of growing fresh, healthy produce to use in home cooking. 

To increase participation in gardening, brands should appeal to the health-conscience consumer and highlight the numerous physical wellness advantages of home-growing.

Packaging that Differentiates Your Product

In a market as competitive as lawn and garden, your brands need to stand out on the shelf. 

What better way to bring your package design to life than with award-winning printing coupled with specialty finishes? With our exceptional 10-color graphics and registered coatings, your product is sure to grab the consumer’s eye.

We’re here to help with package design, supporting a relaunch, creating the perfect product image, applying color management to ensure brand integrity, and much more! 


54% of father with children under 18 reported that they loved gardening

This should encourage brands to market gardening as a family activity, to engage children and cultivate life-long gardeners.

Need inspiration with how your packaging and products can meet consumer aspirations and increase sales? Call on the team at TC Transcontinental Packaging, we’re at our best when we’re collaborating with our customers through Packaging Innovation Sessions to spark the next big idea!

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