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You’ll never have to do it alone. From  concept to the shelf, we work with you side by side, in collaboration, to create the perfect, innovative and sustainable package for your product. 

We’ll support you with a suite of comprehensive capabilities anchored by a team of passionate experts from R&D through to tech service support.  We continue to grow our coast-to-coast, North American manufacturing platform with an eye on the future, integrating new technologies to bring innovation to life. 

We strategically and regularly invest in the  most advanced technologies to build a vertically-integrated asset base that incorporates equipment redundancies for a single source solution.

Why?  To align our manufacturing platform with our customer’s requirements.  To deliver innovation, efficiencies, sustainable solutions, value, service, and most-importantly, peace of mind. You won’t have to go at it alone.



Prépresse et conception d’emballages 

Packaging Prepress & Design 

Your package is a billboard that announces your brand and your product virtues.  We provide comprehensive support with packaging prepress, photography, and design services to help you get a running start for an extraordinary package.

  • Design
  • Production Art & Adaptation
  • File Preparation & Proofing for any printing process
  • Color Management
  • Print Quality Management
  • Workflow Tools
  • Full Service Photography
  • Food Styling
  • Script Writing
  • Videography & Editing
  • CGI & Animation
  • In-Store Marketing


We’ve made significant investments to establish prepress hubs throughout our network for ensured continuity and advanced platemaking. We do this to provide our customers with a frictionless experience and peace of mind when it comes to color consistency. 

  • High level of color mastery to help attain exceptional, captivating packaging graphics
  • Prepress platemaking and proofing hubs to support entire network for responsiveness and continuity 
  • Expertise in prepress and design requirements for sustainable films to meet certification requirements


There is an art to engineering high performing extruded films; an art our team has mastered. We’ve been successfully developing innovative, industry-recognized, proprietary films for several years.     

  • Vertically-integrated operations with numerous assets across our robust network
  • Coast-to-coast extrusion assets
  • Multiple cast & extrusion lines
  • Spectrum of cast films including PPE, PE, Nylon, MDO and BO, and water-quench  films in a wide range of widths
  • Blown films including, EVOH barrier, sealant films, forming films, vacuum shrink films, collation films, stretch hood films, BO films, and more
  • Expertise in extruding films for sustainable applications including incorporation of PCR resins


We aim to provide a variety of solutions and create custom-crafted, multi-layer laminations on a broad range of structures including extruded films, paper, foils,  and more, without compromising aesthetics, or machine-related performance needs.  Whatever the requirement, we’ll deliver, be it sustainability or improving your package performance.  

Adhesive Lamination

  • Solvent, solventless and water based 
  • Duplex and Triplex laminations
  • Registered coatings and cold seal adhesive capabilities

Extrusion Lamination

  • Single and tandem capabilities
  • Coating capabilities

Wax Lamination

  • Supporting premium confection packaging
Métallisation et démétallisation

Metallization & Demetallization

Our metallization and de-metallization processes allow you to create a striking package that also showcases the product inside. You can specify anything from a simple window to extremely intricate and detailed patterns of clear and metallized areas for luxurious graphics. 

  • State of the art, high-speed vacuum metallizer avoids the slitting process, significantly reducing the risk of unsightly scratching for high quality and efficient processing
  • Pattern metallization available for stand-out packaging with shelf appeal
  • Strip metallizing eliminates at least three production steps for speed to market
  • Off-line process allows for great flexibility and opportunity in demetallized substrates    
Impression flexographique

Flexographic Printing

Our goal is to provide you with an advantage on the shelf.  Our advanced flexographic printing platform allows us to achieve enhanced detail, amplified colors, spot on resolution, and elevated package graphics with registered coatings, all to captivate the consumer and accentuate your brand. 

  • Color technology expertise and 10-Color HD Print to optimize brand graphics
  • 7-color Extended Gamut Printing for reduced ink waste and plates
  • Broad choice of specialty coatings to add dynamic and texturally enhanced graphics
  • Highly recognized, award-winning print
  • Extensive printing platform, with redundant equipment provides speed-to-market and contingency
  • Proficiency in high-quality graphic reproduction for demanding industries and applications 
Impression hybride à tirage court

Bag Making and Converting

We know that speed-to-market and flexibility are critical to your success.  We have strategically built a pouch & bag converting platform with a robust offering of redundant assets allowing us to be agile and meet tight lead times and capacity needs, while offering a broad range of styles and sizes to respond to market needs. 

  • Incorporate convenience features that respond to consumer demands  
  • Pouch solutions to convert from rigid to flexible
  • Expertise in converting sustainable structures
  • Adept at managing multi-skus and short-runs 
  • High-speed, precision slitting and finishing services integrated into all operations 
  • Micro-venting, micro-perforation contour laser scoring for consumer convenience

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