Labels for Health & Wellness

Providing brand protection and marketplace confidence. 

The ideal label helps you communicate as much information as you need to meet regulatory requirements and optimize your branding. 

We provide a variety of expanded content labels: peel & reseal, booklets, folded inserts and enclosures, along with braille labels that have detatchability options. We will guide you through the label design and printing process. You choose the option that fits your specific need. Our team will make it happen. 

generic labels


APPLICATIONS: Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Chemicals, Cosmetics, and more.

Element list

Extreme Quick Makereadies & even faster setup for repeat items 


Electronic Platform set to synchronize from initial run to reorders 


Pneumatic Controls – An innovative methods to prevent traditional printing defects


Peel & Reseal  

  • 3 full panels of label real estate 
  • Quiet zone of material where face layer is peeled back from its base… No need for consumer to fight with separation of like sized top and bottom layers 
  • Perfect for added multiple languages 
  • Nice opportunity to include cross-promotional offerings for other products 
  • Enough space to possibly eliminate the need for an outer carton  


Booklet Labels with Detachability Options 

  • Ample space allotment for legal verbiage and dosage guides 
  • Infinite number of pages able to be bound by several different methods before being laminated to the liner of your choice 
  • Innovative tab alternatives for elder and arthritic patients 
  • Internal tooling stations allow for making portions of booklet detachable 
  • Solid fit for addition of multiple languages 
  • Potential to post the information from your folded insert/onsert into the confines of a label

Braille Labels  

  • Rotary Screen printed Braille dots for consistency and durability 
  • All prepress operations and quality standards for post-printing inspection of Braille symbols strictly follow the Marburg Medium Font Specifications. Marburg Medium details the size, spacing and positioning of the braille dots. 
  • Our Esko platform verifies the following will result on press:
    •  Dot diameter is between 1.3-1.6mm 
    • Spacing between dots is 2.5mm from dot center of one dot to the center of its neighboring dot 
    • Line spacing is 10.0mm 
    • Above specs and validity of dot positioning are both verified by our GlobalVision systems 


Folded Inserts, Outserts and Enclosures  

  • Maximum sheet size 20.75” (530mm) in width x 56-11/16” (1440mm) in length Minimum sheet size 6-1/4” (160mm) in width x 8-1/4” (210mm) in length 
  • Minimum finished fold size for RTA Outserts = 1.125” (29mm) X 1.125” in height or 2” (51mm) in width by 1” (25.4) in height 
  • Maximum finished fold size = 6” in (152mm) width by 3” in height (77mm) 

Solutions that work for you

Your success is our success. Our team works to create proprietary products that are reliable, protect your products, and keep your customers confident.

We are driven to create labels that support your success and provide peace of mind.

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