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We know meat & poultry. We understand the challenging, exacting, and rigorous demands of the industry. We provide industry-leading solutions that help you attain packaging and operational success while attaining the highest level of food safety. 

Masterfully crafted films and structures:

Protect your product and deliver the highest standard of abrasion and puncture resistance to stand up to the rigors of production and distribution.

Preserve freshness and flavor with the ultimate level of barrier to extend shelf life and keep your products tasty.

Perform in high-speed applications to keep your operation humming. Our specialty films are crafted to ensure optimal processing efficiency, minimized waste, and consistent, reliable sealing.



Nextrus™ Boneless Shrink Bags

Nextrus™ is the next generation of high performing shrink bags that are easy-to-use and tough-to-abuse. Crafted with superior gloss for your product to shine on shelf. 


  • Excellent high gloss finish for crystal-clear, haze free packaging
  • High-shrink technology eliminates unsightly tails, patches, and ends for tight-fitting, neat packages
  • Potential to downgauge without sacrificing performance
  • Available in shrink bags and tubestock for operational flexibility
  • Thinner gauge alternatives for institutional or case-ready options
  • Sustainable product protection with the incorporation of EVOH versus PVDC for barrier

APPLICATIONS: Boneless Meats


Pump up the Power on Your Auto-bagging Lines

  • By running Nextrus™ patchless bag technology with our TC AB490 Auto-bagging equipment you can increase your production output by 20%! 

  • Run up to 35 bags/minute with the TC AB490, it’s simple to integrate, easy-to-use, and better for your bottom line.

  • Click here to learn more about our equipment technologies that support you in driving operational success.

CAPTIVATE and stand out at retail

  • Outstanding, award-winning print with 10 color printing on both sides of your package for vibrant images and enhanced shelf impact. 

  • Industry leading, exceptional glass-like gloss, crystal-clear, haze free packaging for high-quality product viewing.

  • Uniform seamless bags, eliminates unsightly seams and ears for a pristine package.

Did You Know?

It’s all about first impressions - it takes only 3 to 5 seconds for a consumer to notice a certain product among hundreds on a shelf and decide to purchase it. That’s why your product packaging is vital – communicate freshness and quality so your consumer will reach for your product


The Packaging Attributes Important to Consumers When Choosing a Product In-Store


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