Shrink Bags 


Tuff-Tite™ Shrink Bags Are Tough and Good Looking!

There’s a growing preference for shrink bags among manufacturers and consumers. And with good reason. Barrier shrink bags extend the shelf life of packaged food products, enhance food safety and hygiene, and provide convenience. Our shrink bags are available in a variety of options to meet your specific needs. 

What makes Tuff-Tite™ the clear and superior choice?  Superior barrier, durability, seal strength, and shrink-ability for unparalleled performance and ultimate product protection.




Element list
Outstanding Barrier Protection

Outstanding Barrier Protection

Keeping your products fresh and delicious while extending
shelf life


High Performing

High Performing

Proven machinability and excellent shrink performance 

Unrivaled Product Protection

Unrivaled Product Protection

Unrivaled puncture resistant and durable shrink bags


Easy to Use – Tough to Abuse
The next generation of shrink bags Tuff-Tite™ bags are crafted with exceptional durability and barrier, while standing up to the rigor and high abuse of processing and distribution.

  • Proprietary sealant and extrusion technology for exceptional moisture and oxygen barrier for extended shelf life    

  • Puncture and tear resistant to maintain package integrity 

  • Excellent tensile elongation for improved performance    

  • Wide seal range to meet the challenging requirements of whole bird applications    

  • Low stiffness for tight package after evacuation

Captivate the Consumer with Retail Appeal
Tuff-Tite™ films and award-winning printing, your product will  look  great at retail and shine on shelf.

  • Excellent gloss finish for accentuated graphics and package appeal

  • High-shrink technology eliminates unsightly tails, patches and ends for tight-fitting, neat packages.

  • 2-sided, high quality, 10 color printing for vibrant graphics to stand out on the shelf

  • Available in Clear, White, and Cream colored bags for product and graphic variety

  • Available in non-barrier for frozen applications to meet your specific needs.

Better For Your Bottom Line

Your success is our success.  We’ve developed our proprietary Tufftite™ shrink bags to stand up to the processing and distribution challenges of whole bird applications.  Robust shrink bag technology that provides excellent tear and puncture resistance equate to reduced leakers and reduced waste.  We develop shrink bags you can rely on, Our shrink bags are created to run through your operation, improve efficiency, and  contribute to your success.

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