Fresh N Tasty®
bakery Pouches


Bakery packaging with a fresh perspective

Fresh N Tasty® Bakery pouch communicated freshness and quality for in-store baked goods and enhances the consumer experience.

  • Branding and Merchandising – colorful eye-catching graphics can be custom designed to enhance your brand image
  • Extended Freshness – resealable zipper and proprietary film structure secure the freshness of your baked items
  • Easy Carry Handle – for consumer convenience
  • Window – large window for clear view of product

Fresh N Tasty® Bakery


APPLICATION: In-Store Bakery


Our Commitments 

Research & development has resulted in pouch technology that has transformed the plastic packaging industry. 

Superior design makes our pouches reliable, efficient and the most advanced in the supermarket perimeter. 

Our pouches are simply the most effective packaging solution, offering exceptional options for customization.

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