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Supporting our Dairy Customers Until the Cows Come Home!

About 6 million metric tons of cheese were produced in the United States in 2020*, now that’s a lot of cheese, and a lot of cheese packaging! When it comes to providing reliable cheese packaging, North America’s top dairy brands choose TC Transcontinental Packaging as a trusted partner. We take immense pride in the vital role we play in our customer’s packaging supply chain and are motivated to drive successful outcomes for them.

We’ve spent the last 50 years honing our expertise and driving innovation by developing industry-leading, well-known, proprietary dairy & cheese, as well as non-dairy cheese films for this market’s complex needs. Our Dairy Team is inspired to help our customers attain their packaging goals, find a sustainable solution, help overcome a challenge, or gain an advantage. We care, and have the team, tools, technology, and know-how to solve problems and innovate, all to bolster your success.



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Did you know that 88% of consumers will look for a package that has reclose features?* 
Give your customers a gratifying outcome. We’ll put our heads together and develop package features that make consumers reach for your product on the shelf and smile.
*Source: Mintel 2021


How We Feel About Our Customers

“We built the company to last, always placing our customers at the heart of our priorities and ensuring that our actions reflect our values of respect, performance, teamwork and innovation.”

Isabelle Marcoux
Chair of the Board, Transcontinental Inc.


If you’re in the industry, chances are you know our Dairy Team!

Our Dairy Team has been around a while. With an average tenure of 20 years serving the industry they know the ins and outs of dairy packaging and have seen it all! This focused, multi-disciplined, diverse team is passionate about Cheese & Dairy and take their role in our customers success to heart.  What does this experience and passion give you … market specific insight and the ability to solve problems, make recommendations, and spark a new packaging idea.

We serve as trusted advisors who aim to understand your unique needs and relieve your concerns. You can spend less time working around challenges and more time enjoying!


100% Supported,
We’re in the Trenches with you.

Spark ideas and inspire new packaging concepts.

Collaboratively accelerate the product development process.

Help you manage your inventory needs with personalized VMI programs.

Ensure your equipment is humming with reliable, master crafted high performing, custom films, supported by our best-in-class, coast-to-coast tech teams.

Where are the Growth Opportunities for Dairy Producers?*

New product launches: consumers are looking for something exciting.

New flavors: younger generations are seeking new taste experiences.

Sustainability: consumers are caring more about responsible practices.

Functional packaging: consumers want convenience and ease!

 *Source: Mintel 2021

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