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Die Cut Lidding – We’ve Got You Covered

A Higher Standard in Food & Dairy Lid Solutions. 

Our concentrated focus ensures that we remain on the leading edge of lidding technology: materials, adhesives, coatings, and printing processes. As a result, our research, development, and design capabilities are geared to be responsive to your needs. It starts with understanding your requirements. 

Our Die Cutting Department has an extensive library of dies to meet your needs. We can also design and build to meet the most unique sizes and shapes. 

We have spent several years developing non-foil lidding to keep up with the trend of metal detection systems. We offer a variety of materials to accommodate your needs. 

die cut lidding


APPLICATIONS: Yogurt & Dairy, Frozen Novelty, Hot Fill Lidding (Apple Sauce, Pudding, Salsa, etc.)


Praise-worthy Performance 

As a leader in the industry, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality printing and die cutting. 

  • Roll and die cut materials in a variety of substrates (foil, foil/film, paper, and PET) 

  • Custom dies in any shape and size 

  • Press web widths from 13" to 45" 

  • Peelable, 2 Part Laser Die Cut Lids 

  • SQF Level 2 Certified 

Captivate the Consumer with Retail Appeal 

Our expertise helps amplify your graphics to look great at retail and shine on the shelf. 

  • Top & Bottom Printed Lids Available in 10 Colors 

  • Materials for specialty applications 

  • Coupons, sweepstakes promotions, and contest seeding 

  • Pattern embossing

Solutions that work for you

Your success is our success. Our team works to create proprietary products that are reliable, protect your products, and keep your customers confident.

We are driven to create labels that support your success and provide peace of mind.

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