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Stand Up Pouches 

One of the most popular retail packaging formats that accommodates a wide range of food and liquid products. 

  • Wide range of SUP styles and sizes to accommodate fill needs for functional weights up to 10lbs    
  • Bottom gusset allows for self-standing for shelf presence or includes a hang hole for retail
  • Standard K Seal, K Seal with Skirt, and Shaped Skirt bottom to accommodate all needs
  • Has 2 main graphic panels for product info and branding
  • Sustainable options to appeal to the environmentally aware consumer
  • Ability to maximize products in palletization for warehousing and distribution

Stand Up Pouches


Entice the Consumer
Add bag and pouch features that will stand out on shelf and provide the consumer with transparency 

  • Spouts, fitments, and pour solutions for liquids and easy dispensing     

  • Unique shapes for function, form, and novelty

  • Punch holes in a range of styles & shapes for in-store displays

  • Micro-perforations and venting for cook-in-bag options    

  • Windows to view product view on side-panels, front, or back for consumer transparency

  • Rounded corners for design feature

Delight Your Customer
Connect with your customer and integrate  the convenience features they want 

  • Easy-open features that maintain bag integrity, are frustration-free

  • Gussets to provide uncomplicated product access

  • Re-closure options that preserve product freshness and support simple storage and use: child-proof zippers, front-zippers, tape, and much, much more!

  • Incorporate handles to provide consumer convenience for heavy bags

  • Durable construction and reliable seals to hold up to heavy products for consumer confidence

No Matter the Market – We’ve Got the Bag Features for You!

  • Auto-wicketing capabilities for items such as diapers and feminine care products

  • Machine direction and contour laser scoring for micro and macro perforations for unique opening, cooking, and venting solutions

  • De-gassing valves applications for coffee

  • Ventilation technologies for air evacuation to meet requirements for efficient large bag palletization and load stability for industrial, chemical, lawn & garden, and pet food products.

  • Sustainable fitments, de-gassing valves and reclosure options that are suited to meet the requirements of environmentally responsible packaging

We Aim to Make It Easy

We understand that flexibility is critical in attaining business success.   We offer a vast range of custom shapes and sizes along with an expansive variety of convenience features for form and function.  If it’s a new need or a concept that is in its infancy – we’ll innovate to bring it to life for you.  

 We’re an agile partner that can manage your fluctuating volume needs, deliver short runs or high quantities, and offer VMI and make, hold, and ship programs to allow you to effectively manage your inventory.

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