Enhanced Content Management and Workflows

We’ve simplified the managing of Content and Digital Assets by using sophisticated technology to find cost and time efficiencies that keep you ahead of the curve.

On top of that, we also feature an Online Proofing\Approval solution and Sample Tracking System to ease your day-to-day workflow. If you think you need on-site management, we are also happy to oblige.

Content Management

We organize content so you can manage all your assets from a variety of sources pre- and post-production. All our clients appreciate being able to name and load assets, track activity, update content and more.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

"The Vault" is our digital asset management solution that allows clients to centrally store, reuse, repurpose, share and distribute all types of content (including images, text, logos and video) from one centralized location.

Your assets can be downloaded and images converted automatically to a specific format and resolution for different media such as print, online, mobile, email and iPad.

Online Proofing/Approval

"Job Assistant" is our online proofing solution that streamlines the approval process. It can be tailored to your specific needs and meets both content and colour accurate proofing requirements. We offer on-site training and support and you don’t need any proprietary software to use it, because it’s web-enabled and browser based. Your workflow is simplified with fast access for comments, rejections and approvals.

Packaging Workflow

Our team understands specifications, regulatory requirements and nuances that exist in the complex world of packaging. By using industry-leading packaging workflow, technologies and expertise, you can be rest assured that the results are predictable, on budget and on time.

Sample Management 

One critical reason that our retail photography business thrives is our attention to detail and our management of samples. We’ve created an infrastructure that includes a dedicated merchandise coordinator and Smart QR code technology. You’ll appreciate how simple it is to check and/or change status, track users, generate sample reports and much more using only a standard web browser.

On-Site Management

At your request, we also offer daily access and interaction with on-site presence. Currently over 45 associates are employed at 11 client locations across Canada. We work hard to find you the best solutions.