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Innovating dairy packaging until the cows come home

We know cheese & dairy. We understand the challenging and exacting requirements of specific dairy products, cheese types, and varieties, while attaining the highest level of food safety. 

Masterfully crafted films and structures:

Protect your product and deliver the highest standard of abrasion and puncture resistance to stand up to the rigors of distribution.

Preserve freshness and flavor with the ultimate level of barrier to extend shelf life and keep your delicate products tasty.

Perform in high-speed applications to keep your operation humming by attaining optimum processing efficiency, and reliable/consistent sealing.



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Product List

Retail & Food Service Shreds

Extrusion and Adhesive laminated options available based on performance requirements for both Retail and Food Service Shreds

Retail Shreds

  • Improved Stiffness for enhanced machine performance and shelf presence
  • Seals well through contamination to minimize waste and optimize efficiency
  • Superior zipper and closure applications for reliability and waste reduction
  • Outstanding print and convenience features to captivate at retail

Food Service Shreds

  • Durable films to meet 5 to 20lb fill needs
  • Exceptional crack resistance to minimize tearing
  • Seals at lower temperatures for reliable package integrity



Halo™ Retail Brick, Chunk & Sliced Cheese

Proprietary, industry leading barrier properties for exceptional product protection. Solutions for chunk and natural sliced cheese primary overwrap.
  • Suited for low profile applications to optimize line performance
  • Exceptional seal integrity, to mitigate waste and contribute to line efficiency
  • Lighter film gauges available for cost effective packaging without compromise
  • Improved stiffness for enhanced machine performance
  • Outstanding print and convenience features to captivate at retail
Envio forming and non-forming films packaging

Envio™ Forming and Non-forming Films for Natural Ball & Chunk Cheeses

Proprietary, first-to-world water quench forming and non-forming films delivering unparalleled high gloss finish. 
  • Low-haze and glass-like clarity for superior optics and product appeal  
  • Easy peel, peel-reseal, hermetic, and lock-up seals for product protection and consumer convenience
  • Seals well through contamination to minimize waste and optimize efficiency

APPLICATIONS: Cheese, Meat & Protein

Nextrus Cheese Loaf

Deli Loaf for Natural Cheese

Nextrus™ Vacuum Shrink Bags for Retail Deli and Food Service Chunk Loafs. The next generation of vacuum shrink bags.
  • Exceptional high gloss finish and glass-like clarity for superior optics and presentation
  • High shrink performance that conforms tightly to the product - maintaining vacuum tightness and providing a uniform, appealing package
  • Broad sealing range allows for maximum packing line speeds
  • Available with 2-sided, high-quality 10-color printing to announce your brand graphics 
  • Available in tubestock or premade bags providing options to suit your operation 


Peel Reseal

Peel Reseal Lidding Films

Peel Reseal films for soft cheeses or hard cheeses, chunks or slices, natural, and processed, snack, and non-dairy cheeses.
  • Consistent and effortless easy open for consumer convenience
  • Reliable seals and solid adhesion to preserve taste, aroma, and texture of your product
  • Peel-reseal, peel-able, and lock up options which can be customized to desired peel strength for performance options
semi-rigid bottom web films

Semi-Rigid Bottom Web Films

Semi-rigid forming web film in rollstock format to replace rigid injection molded films for heightened productivity  
  • Semi-rigid film rollstock to be used on vacuum forming equipment for improved operational flexibilty
  • Semi-rigid rollstock allows for easier storage and requires less space for greater efficiency
  • Semi-rigid rollstock highly machinable allowing for greater productivity

DELIGHT your customer and integrate features that provide convenience both on the shelf and in the cupboard

  • Easy-open features that maintain bag integrity, are frustration-free, and provide simple product access
  • Closure options that maintain product freshness and support simple storage and use, child-proof zippers, front-zippers, tape, and much, much more!
  • Windows for consumer transparency and product view 
  • Form and function with handles, spouts, and unique shapes

CAPTIVATE and stand out at retail

  • Outstanding, award-winning print: 10-color HD, and, ECG 7 Printing
  • Enhanced graphics with registered coatings: tactile, matte, gloss, & specialty 
  • Unique & luxurious images with metallization and de-metallization patterns & techniques
  • Films with unparalleled gloss & shine

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