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TC Transcontinental Packaging Wins Big at the 2018 Excellence in Flexography Awards

Montréal, Québec, Canada – May 15, 2018 – TC Transcontinental Packaging is pleased to announce that it swept the Wide Web/Process/Film category at the 2018 Excellence in Flexography Awards of the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) by winning a Bronze, Silver and Gold award. Additionally, TC Transcontinental Packaging was the recipient of the coveted “Best of Show” award, for Transcontinental Robbie’s Post Fruity Pebbles/Cocoa Pebbles packages, while also winning a Silver award in the Wide Web/Line/Film category as well as in the Wide Web/Screen/Film category, a Bronze in the Wide Web/Screen/Coated Paper category, and a Self-Promotion award for its Inspire NexGen 240 bag.

For the second year in a row, TC Transcontinental Packaging has been recognized with the prestigious “Best of Show” for its printing performance and execution. These back-to-back awards are further proof that TC Transcontinental Packaging is creating some of North America’s finest and most innovative flexible packaging; each carefully tailored and printed to meet the specific needs of its customers.

“It is very rewarding to win FTA’s back-to-back “Best of Show” award and to be recognized by the industry, said Pepper Stokes, General Manager of Transcontinental Robbie. The challenge in printing this particular project was the two different SKU’s on the web which are on totally opposite ends of the tonal range. The Fruity Pebbles is largely high-key, bright colors and the Cocoa Pebbles is largely low key dark colors. At the same time, within each of these items we have solid/near solids of the process colors on the same plate as highlights, so we are hitting almost 100% of the tonal range on each. Both represented very busy designs with a lot of individual elements requiring great detail to be produced. Together with leading edge technology in prepress, plate materials, and world class press room execution, we were able to show what flexography printing can accomplish.”

The Wide Web category is the only category to continue the upward trend in awards seen over the past five years with one judge noting “this year was probably the best for execution.”  “Printers understand it is not just the look, but also the technical details that make their samples stand out.”  

The Award-Winning Packages

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  • Post Fruity Pebbles/Cocoa Pebbles printed by Transcontinental Robbie
    Gold and “Best of Show” award, Wide Web/Process/Film category
    “The image pops off the web!  Highlight dots are clean, crisp and solid.  Register is perfect.” – Judges’ comment
  • Tantillo Basil Pesto/Garlic Oregano Premium Croutons printed by Transcontinental Robbie 
    Silver award, Wide Web/Process/Film category
    “Near-perfect highlight dots without donuts; nothing is misshapen.  Great image with near perfect register.” – Judges’ comment
  • Alltech Poultry Nutrition printed by Coveris Americas, now part of TC Transcontinental Packaging
    Silver award, Wide Web/Line/Film category
    “This has even coverage with no ghosting or chatter.  It’s a challenging larger repeat.” – Judges’ comment
  • Nutro Ultra Small Breed Adult Dog Food, printed by Coveris Americas, now part of TC Transcontinental Packaging
    Silver award, Wide Web/Screen/Film category
    “Impressive gradient, ink coverage and laydown. Sharp text. Very clean.” – Judges’ comment
  • Freshpet Select Roasted Meats Tender Chicken Recipe with Beef Cat Food printed by Transcontinental Ultra Flex
    Bronze award, Wide Web/Process/Film category
    “High level of detail, especially in the highlight area of the cat.  Low dot gain – great minimum dot.” – Judges’ comments
  • Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food Bag printed by Coveris Americas, now part of TC Transcontinental Packaging
    Bronze award, Wide Web/Screen/Coated paper category
    “Registration is well done, with crisp positive and reverses.  Nice ink coverage.” – Judges’ comments
  • Inspire NEXGEN 240 Bag printed by Transcontinental Robbie
    Award for Self-Promotion 
    “Register of reverse panels was good.” – Judges’ comment

More than 500 entries from around the world set the stage this year and 114 coveted awards, plus six best of show recipients were revealed in Indiana, on May 6, 2018. The judging panel, comprised of industry members who have an eye for detail, evaluated each print for their degree of difficulty and level of execution. This year, no longer were tight registrations adequate; they had to be tighter. An image couldn’t just be sharp; it had to be sharper. Judges huddled and debated, until the winners were chosen.

About TC Transcontinental Packaging
TC Transcontinental Packaging positions itself as leader in flexible packaging in North America, with operations in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, United Kingdom, China and New Zealand. The division has over 4,000 employees, the majority of which are based in the United States. Its platform is comprised of one premedia studio and 28 production plants specializing in extrusion, lamination, printing and converting. TC Transcontinental Packaging offers a variety of flexible plastic and paper products, including rollstock, bags and pouches, coextruded films, shrink films and coatings. The division services a variety of industries, including dairy, coffee, proteins, pet food, agriculture, confectionery, supermarket fresh perimeter and frozen foods.

TC Transcontinental Packaging is a division of Transcontinental Inc. (TSX: TCL.A TCL.B), which has over 9,000 employees, the majority of which are based in Canada, the United States and Latin America. Following the transformational acquisition of Coveris Americas, TC Transcontinental’s consolidated pro forma revenues are estimated at C$3.3 billion for fiscal 2017. For more information, visit TC Transcontinental's website at   

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