Showcase and protect your products

Our cast forming films do exactly what you expect and more. They’re designed to provide superior forming and layflat properties, uniform thickness, and excellent clarity. Choose from multiple barrier structures engineered to provide long, fresh shelf life for a wide range of applications.  

And you won’t have to choose between performance and value. Our forming films are cast to exacting standards in a variety of materials. Ideal for packaging cheese and meat products.

  • Films designed for gas-flushing and vacuum packaging applications
  • Custom structures, up to 11 layers for exceptional barrier
  • High performing films for exceptional machinability 
  • Extreme toughness and hermetic seals for reduced leakers
  • Uniform material distribution in formed pockets to minimize pinholes and blow-outs
  • Precise gauge control for consistent roll profiles
  • Multiple gauges available, with potential to down gauge for cost-savings

Forming Films

Envio® Films

Proprietary, first to world water quench forming films

  • Superior optics with glass-like clarity  
  • Excellent high gloss finish
  • Easy peel, peel reseal, hermetic, and lock-up seals
  • Wide sealing range, seals through contamination
  • High and low barrier options