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Dartek® Films Optimizing Your Industrial Process

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Proprietary and custom created, Dartek® films are based on nylon 6,6 and assist in the manufacturing of rubber and thermoplastic products and fiberglass reinforced panels.

Dartek® films feature good release characteristics for ease of removal and offer a barrier to gas, grease, oil, and chemicals. 

Dartek® films have high melting points offering stability in high temperature applications. 

PERFORM with films that keep your operation humming, have proven high-speed machinability and allow you to attain optimal processing efficiency. 

PROTECT your product with custom crafted structures that deliver the highest standard of puncture resistance and stand up to the rigors of distribution.


Dartek® C-917 Film

Low shrink, vacuum bagging film used in manufacture and curing of laminated glass and aerospace composites. Used as a carrier web and release film for testing rubber compounds in rheometers.
  • Cold formability in bagging applications and hot thermoformability in vacuum forming

  • Thin gauge, uniform surface and toughness for reduced waste and high integrity in wrapping and handling

APPLICATIONS: Industrial use


Dartek® T-420 Film

Uniaxially oriented film designed for use as a release or sheet in fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) manufacturing.
  • Offers good release for ease of removal

  • Superior gloss, greater stiffness, higher temperature resistance and superior dimensional stability than other nylon 6,6 films

Dartek® T-424

Uniaxially oriented film for use as a release and carrier sheet for cure-wrapping rubber rollers, rubber hosing, gaskets and belts. 
  • Offers greater wrap tension during high temperature curing processes

  • Offers good release for ease of removal

APPLICATIONS: Industrial use


Dartek® EN-740 Film

Ideal for sheet molding compounds.
  • High temperature stabilized

  • Offers good release for ease of removal

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