Industrial Processing Films


Industrial Processes Enhanced with Dartek® Films

Dartek® films are designed to optimize your operation. Dartek® films are high temperature stabilized, cast nylon 6,6 and designed to take the heat!

These high melt-point films offer stability in extreme temperature applications including steam or dry heat, such as autoclaving, to assist in the manufacturing of a wide variety of products including rubber and thermoplastic products as well as fiberglass reinforced panels (FRP).

These properties, along with individual product specifications, make Dartek® films a good choice as a carrier web and release film for a wide variety of applications including but not limited to:
calendared rubber sheeting; rubber rollers, gaskets, hoses and belts; sheet molding compounds and rheometers.

If you require all these properties in a super tough shrink film, look to our T series where we offer uniaxially oriented grades for low, medium or high shrink applications.

Dartek® delivers when you seek durable, multi-use films and peace of mind for processing complexities.


Dartek® C-917 Film

  • Low shrink, vacuum bagging film used in manufacture and curing of laminated glass and composites
  • Used as a carrier web and release film for testing rubber compounds in rheometers
  • Cold conformability in bagging applications and hot thermoformability in vacuum forming
  • Thin gauge for improved cost-effectiveness and reduced waste
  • Uniform, smooth surface
  • Toughness, high integrity in wrapping and handling
  • Absorbs up to 10% of its weight in moisture, resulting in greater pliability over irregular surfaces
  • Can be treated on both sides for ink, adhesive and coating receptivity


Dartek® T-404 & T-421 Films

  • Low shrinkage films designed for cure-wrapping rubber sheeting, carrier web for print transfer and an interleaf release liner for calendared rubber sheeting
  • Thin gauge for improved cost effectiveness and reduced waste
  • Smooth uniform surface for reduced fiber prominence in FRP process


Dartek® T-420 FILM

  • Medium shrink film designed for use as a release or carrier sheet in fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP] manufacturing
  • Offers good release for ease for removal
  • Superior gloss, greater stiffness, higher temperature resistance and superior dimensional stability than typical nylon 6 films


Dartek® T-424

  • High shrink film for use as a release and carrier sheet for cure-wrapping rubber rollers, rubber hosing, gaskets and belts
  • 7-10% shrinkage offers greater wrap tension during high temperature curing processes
  • Offers good release for ease of removal


Dartek® EN-740 Film

  • Heat stabilized, cast nylon 6,6 film with a release polymer
  • Ideal for sheet casting and molding compounds
  • Low shrink film designed for use as a release or carrier sheet in fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP] manufacturing

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