Building on a long-term commitment to sustainability

You are trying to find a packaging supplier that can help you reach your targets in sustainability? Look no more.

TC Transcontinental shares the growing concerns on climate change and environmental issues. Our sustainability commitment is deeply embedded in TC Transcontinental’s fabric. As your supply chain partner, you can rest assured that we pursue our operations in a responsible manner.

TC Transcontinental is now the first Canadian-based manufacturer to join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. We share the common vision of a circular economy for plastic, where plastic never becomes waste. As such, we have committed to the following, by 2025: 

Global Commitment logo


  • Innovate so that 100% of our plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable;
  • Achieve a 10% use of post-consumer recycled content on average by weight across all plastics in our product basket;
  • Collaborate with industry partners to increase reuse, recycling and composting rates for plastic in the communities where we operate.

Flexible plastic advantages 

We design our packaging for a wide range of end-product applications. We seek to find the right balance between material volume and weight while ensuring an optimal product protection. Flexible plastic offers many advantages: 

  • Excellent product-packaging ratio leading to an efficient resource utilization;
  • Light weight and flat shape allow to fully optimize transportation;
  • Design and multi-faceted printed surface offer excellent branding opportunities at the point of sale;
  • Various barrier properties help extend product shelf life, which contributes to reducing food waste. 

For more information on our circular approach to plastic, click here

Consult our new 2019-2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Plan that unveils 11 meaningful objectives along four axes: our people, our operations, our products and our communities.    

At TC Transcontinental, we measure our performance each year and share the results in our Sustainability Reports, a document proudly published annually since 2010. 

Our latest news on sustainability!

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Sustainable Packaging

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