Code of Conduct and Ethics

Over the years, TC Transcontinental has earned and kept its reputation for honesty, integrity, and listening to its customers’ needs, among other things.

This success is based on our values – respect, teamwork, performance and innovation. These values are shared, they are strong and they are fully integrated. These values influence all of our interactions and decisions. We are pleased to present our Code of Conduct, which reflects these values.

TC Transcontinental team members must comply with the highest ethical standards as they are a source of pride to the Corporation. Our conduct must always be based on our values. The Code also reflects TC Transcontinental’s culture and brand, which are the product of decades of hard work, devotion, and loyalty from the members of the TC Transcontinental team. To remain worthy of this reputation, we are determined to enforce our Code of Conduct. It is the cornerstone on which our conduct and actions are based in every circumstance, and it reflects our commitment to our customers, suppliers, and other partners.


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