Advanced Auto-bagging Equipment That’s Better for Your Bottom Line 

TC AB490, advanced auto-bagging equipment technology that will maximize your operational efficiency.

We’re 100% committed to addressing the needs of the industry and have sought out the most advanced solutions to contribute to your business success.

The TC AB490 is a reliable, best-in-class auto-bagging technology that supports your efforts to attain optimal production speeds without sacrificing quality. 

The TC AB490 seamlessly integrates into your operation to produce and print custom length bags for fresh meats. Designed with advanced features and built to take a beating, the TC AB490 meets the needs of a harsh meat packing environment.

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TC AB490 Reliable and Rugged equipment for fresh, bone-in and boneless meats.

The TC AB490 Auto-bagging equipment creates on-demand, customized bag sizes for fresh meats.

Specialty designed for simplified production, to maximize output, and minimize waste.

  • Get customized bag sizes for fresh meats for better fitting bags and to reduce waste.
  • Rugged and built to withstand the rigors of your operation for reliable, worry free production. 
  • State-of -the-art integrated standard features that maximize production output and provide the ability to run with ease and facilitate simple and quick changeovers.
  • Compact design with a small footprint to minimize the space required for the equipment.
  • Supported by our Customer Technical Support Team providing easy integration and assured performance.

APPLICATIONS: Fresh bone-in and boneless meats & proteins


The TC AB490 can run up to 35 Bags per minute!

Undeniably better for your bottom line!

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