Getting a handle on flexible packaging for fresh perimeter

Consumer shopping and eating habits are changing. With these changes comes an ever-growing focus on the fresh perimeter.

We know Fresh Perimeter. 

Masterfully crafted films and structures:

Protect your product and deliver the highest standard of product safety.

Preserve freshness and flavor with the ultimate level of barrier and proprietary venting to keep your products tasty.

Perform in the store with the consumer in mind. Convenience features and eye-catching graphics keep customers coming back for more.

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Product List
Hot N’ Handy Rotisserie Pouches

Hot N’ Handy® Rotisserie Pouches

  • Leak resistant pouch ends leaky messes
  • Proprietary venting keeps rotisserie chicken moist
  • Saves on storage space - takes 85% less backroom storage as compared to rigid containers
  • High-barrier lamination and self-supporting gusset

APPLICATIONS: Hot or cold case items.

Fried Foods

Fried Foods

  • Multiple sizes to hold 4, 8 and family size packs
  • Customized venting pattern keeps fried foods crispy
  • Resealable zipper stays closed in warming case
  • Large window for viewing product

APPLICATIONS: Hot or cold case items.



  • Great for holding snack foods like chicken drummies, wings, popcorn chicken and more
  • Eye-catching graphics draw attention to Grab N' Go bars and hot case
  • Venting technology for both moist and crispy items

APPLICATIONS: Hot or cold case items.


Getting a handle on packaging for the fresh perimeter

Advanced anti-fog technology keeps window clear, longer
Convenience features like easy-carry handle and microwave safe
Reinforced handle maintains strength and rigidity in the hot case
Hot N’ Handy® Pouch can be used in the hot or cold case and service counter

Stand-up pouch can be fully customized with your brand elements.
Custom print minimum 54,000

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