Stretch Freshness with TME Coffee Packaging Equipment Solutions

We’re 100% committed to addressing the needs of the industry and have sought out the most advanced solutions to contribute to your business success.  

TC Transcontinental Packaging has formed a strategic partnership with T.M.E. SpA coffee packaging equipment solutions (a leading manufacturer of single-dose, modified atmosphere, and vacuum packaging lines) to benefit our customers and the industry while advancing innovation.

Together we deliver advanced, end-to-end, custom-crafted solutions to meet the demanding coffee industry’s needs for freshness, quality, flexibility, productivity, sustainability, and innovation.

Product List
TME Partnership, A commitment to ouTCompete!

TME Partnership, A commitment to ouTCompete!

End-to-end custom-crafted filling equipment solutions to meet the industry’s need for quality and productivity.
  • Leading edge single-dose, modified atmosphere, and vacuum coffee packaging systems to fulfil a varied range of coffee packaging needs.
  • Reliable custom manufactured machines for coffee pods and capsules. Lines for low, medium, or high output and ultimate productivity.
  • Frac pack & retail bags with valve, 4-SEAL and TIN-TIE for retail and food service applications.
  • Bags up to 5 lbs. of whole bean coffee for retail club stores and food service market needs.
  • Custom solutions to meet your unique needs.
  • Supported with in-field technical service to ensure optimal performance. 
  • Attain proven machinability with TC Transcontinental Packaging structures and films for consistency, ease, and reliability.

APPLICATIONS: Coffee, snacks, and dried foods.

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