Catalogues inspire – as well as answer many questions. Price, colour, size, features – all can be delivered quickly and effectively. Brand positioning is reinforced in subtle ways. Vibrancy of the images, texture of the paper and selective cover finishes, all work to enhance your marketplace position. A smartly produced and printed catalogue can leverage your marketing strategy by driving consumers directly to your digital platform.

Partner with an expert catalogue printer

Sophisticated technology delivers the quality, speed and cost-efficiencies the marketplace demands. Our full range of print platforms—from digital to high-speed web offset—provide the ability to produce catalogues from one to millions.

The interdependence of each production link—list processing, premedia, printing, binding, distribution and mail tracking— informs our approach to cycle-time reduction and cost control. 

It’s the focus.

Distribution and delivery is everything. We build on the latest data intelligence to better target and distribute your message. Whether it is using variable data or personalization, no matter what the size or where your audience lives, a well-targeted catalogue will drive to action motivated potential customers to your business.

Let TC Transcontinental help you and your business score a selling bullseye.