Flexible Packaging that makes your fresh perimeter shine

Getting a handle on packaging for the fresh perimeter

We understand that flexibility is the key to success in packaging fresh prepared foods - both literally and figuratively. We spend a great deal of time in the fresh perimeter of a store talking to both consumers and retailers before developing any packaging solution.

Consumer shopping and eating habits are changing. The fresh perimeter is becoming more important to people who want healthy, convenient choices in a hurry.

Our on-going commitment to research and development has made us the leading supplier of flexible packaging for the fresh perimeter. And since our pouches are domestically sourced, you can count on better quality control, reduced logistics costs, and faster turnaround. 

We strive to be your best partner and support your success.



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Did you know that 52% of deli shoppers say they purchase for convenience, freshness and simplicity?* Give your customers what they want. We offer packaging that will make consumers reach for your products.

Source: IRI as reported on 2021


It’s all about first impressions

It takes only 3 to 5 seconds for a consumer to notice a certain product among hundreds on a shelf and decide to purchase it. That’s why your product packaging is vital – communicate freshness and quality so your customer will reach for your product.

CAPTIVATE and stand out at retail

  • Hot N Handy® Rotisserie Pouch known for its ease of use, leak resistance, and transformative consumer convenience.
  • The Fresh N Tasty® Bakery Pouch follows with stay-fresh barrier pouches featuring high-visibility windows.
  • Bulk Produce Pouches hold a variety of products that save time and give consumers the ability to purchase preselected, prepackaged fresh produce within seconds. 
  • Steam N Eat® flexible packaging allows you to offer fresh-cut produce – packed in-store – with a value-added steamable feature.

Insights on Fresh Perimeter Packaging – What Do Consumers Want?

Durable Packaging: for assured product protection and food safety

Convenience: Easy-carry handles and microwave safe

Freshness: proprietary films and resealable zippers help products stay fresh

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There’s so much more we have to offer.  We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and learn more about your flexible packaging quest. We care, and will deliver a solution to satisfy your needs!