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TC Transcontinental Packaging has been a trusted flexible packaging partner to leading, gold-standard home and personal care brands for over 40 years. We’re all about innovation to meet customer needs – understanding where the market is going and creating inventive solutions that deliver a unique set of benefits. We are proud to be pioneers in crafting custom sustainable packaging solutions through close and collaborative innovation with our customers. 

Not only does our superior chemical barrier packaging guarantee preservation of home and personal care products, but our award-winning, 10-color printing further sets our packaging apart by bringing products to life on the shelf. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining the integrity of your product and its packaging, through high-performing, high-barrier films and the unwavering support of our in-field service technical team. 

We meet the industry’s delivery and performance requirements by providing a broad spectrum of functional, visually impactful, and sustainable packaging for home and personal care products. Whatever your home and personal care needs, you’re in the right place!



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Cleaning Frequency/Reasons

56% of people stated that they are cleaning their home more often than they were a year ago.
41% of people are cleaning more often simply because they feel more relaxed when their home is clean. 


Growth Opportunities for Household and Personal Care

  • Respond to the eco-friendly consumer by using recycled plastic in packaging and offering bulk packs & refillable options

  • Embrace the growth of e-commerce by offering packages that are smaller, lighter in weight, and more uniform in size & shape for cost-efficient shipping

  • Appeal to the growing “self-care” interest of the consumer by promoting the link between aircare and aromatherapy for mental wellbeing

Market knowledge is vital to keep on top of evolving trends and to anticipate what the consumer is expecting. We’re here as a partner to provide market, consumer, and industry insights so that you can remain ahead of the curve and well-prepared.

Our structure development expertise and knowledge guarantees films that can stand up to the rigors of chemical acidity

Products intended for deep cleaning require packaging that you can count on. 

Our ultimate specialized barrier films will withstand abuse, provide chemical resistance, prevent odor contamination, and contain moisture and liquid. Whatever functional benefits your product packaging requires, we are here to provide.

With custom, innovative, high-performance films designed specifically for your application, you never have to worry about the integrity of your product being compromised. 


40% of consumers in the US say that they are interested in refillable packaging for household products.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the damage that plastic waste does to the planet, and how plastic in itself is not bad, but our throwaway culture is. 

Flexible stand-up pouches are not only lighter, more economical, and easier to pack and ship, but can also be used as refill packs for bottled soaps and cleaning products. 

The many environmental benefits of stand-up pouches will not go unnoticed by the eco-conscious consumer, and the potential for stand-up pouch refills is ever-growing. Get ahead of the curve by exploring flexible packaging refill options with us!

Packaging To Make Your In-Home Products Shine!

Here at TC, our goal is to execute your brand vision flawlessly! What better way to bring your package design to life than with award-winning printing coupled with specialty finishes?

With our exceptional 10-color graphics and registered coatings, metalized and demetallized printing techniques, and surface & reverse printing, your product is sure to captivate on the shelf.

We’re here to help with package design, supporting a relaunch, creating the perfect product image, applying color management to ensure brand integrity, and much more!   


24% of all consumers and 36% of parents of children aged five and under resolve to use more natural products once the pandemic is over. 

This should encourage home and personal care brands to intensify transparency efforts with their ingredients to allow users to make informed purchases.

Need inspiration with how your packaging and products can meet consumer aspirations and increase sales? Call on the team at TC Transcontinental Packaging, we’re at our best when we’re collaborating with our customers through Packaging Innovation Sessions to spark the next big idea!

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