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We’re packaging baristas when it comes to keeping your coffee fresh

As the food service and institutional markets continue to rebound and re-grow, our team is here to support you in delivering on the needs of the market.

We know coffee and appreciate the unique industry demands. We are poised to deliver. We provide industry-leading solutions and lead times that help you gain packaging and operational success while attaining the highest level of food safety.

Our Films

Preserve the delicate freshness and robust aroma of coffee with the ultimate level of barrier. Our films extend shelf life and maintain flavor integrity for consumer indulgence. 

Perform in high-speed applications to keep your operation humming. Our specialty films are crafted to ensure optimal processing efficiency and reliable sealing no matter the blend, grind, process, flavor, or package style.

Pronounce your brand message with beautiful packaging graphics. Our color management expertise ensures your package will shine. Is your message sustainability? We’ll deliver on that need without sacrifice.

Product List

Fractional Packaging

  • Single serve (1-4 oz.), Urn (8-32 oz.) and filter packs to meet a full range of food service needs from in-room to institutional and OCS markets
  • Films suited for flavored or unflavored coffee to suit all needs
  • Specialty sealant film for lamination to film or paper for product protection and to meet a variety of needs
  • Seals through grounds and contamination to maintain package integrity, freshness and quality 
  • Hi-E Frac Pac Films for cost effective alternative to surface printed MET PET/PE
  • Sustainable options available to appeal to the environmentally aware consumer.



Growing Importance of Sustainable Packaging

62% of consumers believe a range of players have responsibility for environmentally friendly choices, manufacturers top the list.

This creates an opportunity for food manufacturers to take a lead in this important arena. 

53% of consumers also think that packaging manufacturers hold responsibility, showing their expectation for innovation in packaging with more recycled, reusable, biodegradable and compostable packaging. (Mintel)

As pioneers in sustainable coffee flexible packaging, we can work with you to meet the growing consumer demand for packaging that doesn’t become waste.

Learn more about our sustainable solutions.

Captivate the Consumer

  • Outstanding, award-winning print: 10 –color HD, and, ECG 7 Printing

  • Enhanced graphics with registered coatings: tactile, matte, gloss, & specialty 

  • Unique & luxurious images with metallization and de-metallization patterns & techniques

  • Convenience features such as easy open and re-closeable options to delight the consumer

  • Sustainable options to respond  to the environmentally aware consumer

Coffee Market Insight:
Brands should prep for consumers to look for experiential coffee and tea drinks that are appropriate on premise and on-the-go.  

As restaurants open up and consumers venture out of the home, they will be expecting a wide variety of options and unique indulgent coffee drinks.

Source: Mintel

Need inspiration for innovation?  Call on our team, we can help with market insights and organized innovation sessions to help spark the next great packaging idea.


Did You Know?

As virus case counts decline and vaccination rates rise in the U.S., restaurants can partner with well-known food and drink brands to entice consumers to include foodservice orders in their recovery routines.

Stops for coffee, picking up restaurant food for a work-day lunch or ordering dinner on the way home can be part of the return to normal that 53% of U.S. adults (surveyed April 29-May 13, 2021) are expecting for summer 2021.

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