Stretch Hood


Our Stretch Hood Films Protect and Hold It Together! 

TC Transcontinental Packaging blends art, science, and technology to create high-performing, rugged Stretch Hood films. Films that will protect your palletized goods through the distribution and storage chain ensuring they remain intact, pristine, and secured. 

Our Stretch Hood solutions are crafted with the optimal film thickness with high tear resistance delivering support and firmness on five sides of your pallet. Built to meet the challenging demands of the chemical, building materials, appliance, and beverage markets, and more. 

Our solutions are as unique as our clients, we offer films with optimal thickness, firmness, and transparency, to adapt to the load and conditions of transportation and storage. Contact us to learn more about our Stretch Hood solutions, as well as, our Shrink Tube and Hood offering, what ever the need, we have you covered.


TC Transcontinental Packaging Stretch Hood Advantages 

  • Brand & messaging differentiation 
  • Optimal pallet stability 
  • Outstanding display properties 
  • Eliminate tear propagation 
  • Minimizes the likeliness of damaged goods 
  • Palletized goods remain dry & protected 
  • Safer operations [no natural gas or open flames) for pallet wrapping 

stretch hood


Brand Visibility 

Display your logo, identify product information, or instructions clearly on your pallets with the ability to print. 1 color on the film, or further customize with a color additive. 

Uniquely Crafted 

Our solutions are as unique as our clients, we offer films with optimal thickness, firmness, and transparency to adapt the conditions of transport and storage. We can also boost film performance with additives for UV resistance, anti-stick, anti-blocking, anti-condensation, or color for enhanced performance. 

Uncompromised Toughness 

Our Stretch Hood films stand up to the rigors and abuse of transport, storage, and weather with uncompromising tear and perforation resistance. 

Ultimate Pallet Protection 

Our stretch hood film is designed to deliver increased load stability: abuse resistant, tear and puncture resistant, excellent stretch and elasticity recovery, exceptional seal strength 

Optimal Film Thickness 

Crafted to provide the ideal thickness for your needs. Available In thickness ranges of 2.0mll - 6.0 mil.



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