More than just a warehouse, we offer cost effective fulfillment

Seamless and secure fulfillment services

From warehousing to quick and efficient delivery, including order entry, kitting and just-in-time reporting, we offer our customers seamless fulfillment services using a customized secure online portal that is technologically advanced. 

Based on data gathered from customers’ ordering patterns, we offer in addition cost reduction ideas on fulfillment solutions, resulting in less obsolete inventory for our clients. 

Fully integrated with all our printing solutions, our fulfillment services ensure that every impression counts.

Customized Fulfillment Solutions

At TC Transcontinental Printing, we provide a full range of customized fulfillment, kitting and distribution services through our Montreal and Toronto operations. With the assistance of a dedicated project coordinator for each of our customers, we provide solutions to North American major retailers, book publishers, tour operators, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic manufacturers, telecom, financial and insurance institutions, direct marketers, professional associations and a wide range of other organizations.

Our commitment to our customers: minimizing your investment by managing your inventories and offering a secure storage service that would allow you to order your printed material or promotional items online in a quick, efficient, and easy manner.

Inventory & Kitting Management Portal

Our proprietary online order placement, inventory management and kitting portal  is our strength. We provide our customers with a convenient secure system for product fulfillment facilitating order entry, inventory tracking and real-time reporting in an easy-to-use interface.

With more than 25 years of experience in this industry, we have formidable expertise in managing inventory stocks (from receiving material, packaging it for the needs of each recipient and shipping) and providing efficient, improved speed to market and cost-effective fulfillment solutions targeted to respond to our customers' needs.

C-TPART Certified

Our fulfillment personnel at Transcontinental O'Keefe Montreal are Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)-certified. C-TPAT is a joint government/business initiative; building cooperative relationships that strengthen overall supply chain and border security.

To know more about our fulfillment solutions in action, read our case study or contact us.

Secure Easy-to-Access Fulfillment Portal

Our online portal provides a convenient secure system that facilitates the fulfillment process, including order entry, inventory tracking and reporting in an easy-to-use interface.


The interface offers a variety of services, including:

  • Setting up the ordering portal based on each customer’s requirements and brand look and feel
  • 24/7 access to online inventory and distribution data
  • Automatic email notification of predetermined reorder points
  • Customer control over ordering limits
  • Real-time reporting, inventory management and production tracking
  • Customized reporting and dashboard, including monthly KPIs
  • Demand-based ordering models
  • Incorporation of digitally printed items produced on demand for time-sensitive, customized pieces
  • Built-in ability to manage invoicing, credits and credit card processing
  • Custom detailed packing slips

Efficiency Solutions for our Customers

Our world-class fulfillment and distribution solution also allows clients to turn fixed costs to variable by eliminating the need to invest in expensive facilities, equipment, systems and personnel. We further reduce costs by offering:

  • A single-vendor solution
  • Just-in-time models
  • Secured storage
  • Quality-handling procedures that reduce shrinkage
  • Economical shipping options that can accommodate all types of requests, from local delivery to national and international demands
  • Expert database and logistical expertise that combine with our substantial economies of scale

Our market intelligence solutions have a proven track record that allows us to provide unique business solutions to our clients so they can lower their program costs and inventory of obsolescence material, as well as perform better demand planning. With more than 25 years of experience, we analyze your needs and customize solutions that make sense for your targeted audience, order frequency and required level of security.

In order to obtain more information about Fulfillment solutions, download the case study.