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TC Transcontinental is seeking the support of various levels of government to ensure that local high quality information continues to be available

Montreal, June 13, 2016 – TC Transcontinental has reviewed the results of the study conducted by MCE Conseils on the state of print media and information in Quebec as well as the recommendations proposed to ensure its sustainability. This report, made public on June 8 by the Fédération nationale des communications and the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (FNC-CSN), made a vibrant plea for government support for the survival of print media in Quebec. TC Transcontinental salutes this initiative and joins its voice to that of the FNC-CSN to advocate in favour of the implementation of a hybrid funding ecosystem, including government participation.

"These recommendations strengthen the efforts we have made in this regard over the past few years to the federal and provincial governments, and more recently the action plan presented jointly by TC Transcontinental and Hebdos Québec to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, declared François Olivier, President and Chief Executive Officer of TC Transcontinental. The economic reality and the structural changes we are experiencing in the media industry attest to the need for government intervention to preserve local and regional information, ensuring a dynamic society and democratic values.  We want to work in collaboration with the different stakeholders to accelerate the implementation of support measures. "

In Quebec, as in the rest of the world, media are faced with complex issues and major challenges. They must lead an unprecedented digital transformation and invest in the development of new platforms, in a context of the erosion of advertising revenues and increased competition from the major global digital players. Although some countries support print media in various forms, media companies here are not supported by such government measures. They must deploy rationalization efforts to ensure the financial viability of their operating activities. 

"We firmly believe in the importance of a rich and vibrant print media, created by talented people, that shape our identity and fuels our societal reflections," Mr. Olivier added. "It is always a great pride for us to work in the local media niche, which is the core of our local strategy. However, given the decline of our advertising revenues and the investments necessary to renew our business model, we are confronted with major challenges that compel us to make decisions that are often difficult. Our objective is to ensure the greatest possible sustainability of local print media. To achieve this, there must be a political and regulatory will to encourage the production of professional information, as in other cultural sectors in Quebec. "

TC Media, a division of TC Transcontinental, is the leading publisher of local newspapers in Quebec and in the Atlantic provinces, with a portfolio of over 150 titles, including about a hundred in Quebec.

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