Our laminations rock

Like a rock-solid bond, that is. It’s the core of our multi-layer, high-barrier, high-performance laminations.

You’ll also flip over our ability to custom tailor high-barrier sealants and laminations for unique applications. Stringent quality specifications and a broad range of materials – PET, foil, OPP, LDPE, HDPE, CPP, nylon, metalized films, paper (to name a few) – further strengthen the bond. And If you need more, the superior abrasion and heat resistance of our laminates will get you up and jumping.

Setting the beat is a talented R&D team that brings diverse experience in specialty markets. They have a long history of creating custom-developed films that meet tough barrier requirements without compromising aesthetic and machine-related performance needs.

Adhesive Lamination

  • Advanced high barrier laminations – solvent, solventless and water based
  • Duplex and Triplex laminations
  • Registered coatings and cold seal adhesive capabilities
  • Barrier laminations with many different film types and grades including metalized substrates and foil
  • FDA and CFIA compliant laminates for hot fill, boilable, microwaveable and retort applications
  • Temperature controlled hot room


Extrusion Lamination 

  • Single and tandem extrusion coatings and lamination capabilities 
  • Extrusion coating and lamination capabilities
  • Coating and lamination of many different film types and grades: plastic, paper, foils, metalized, and more
  • Supporting numerous consumer markets: condiments, dairy, snacks, dry good, and others

Extrusion lamination