Satisfying a craving for great candy & confectionery packaging 

You need the most appealing packaging to entice consumers in the crowded candy and confections aisle. You’ll come shining through with packaging created on our state of the art, wide-web, high-speed vacuum metallizers. And with no slitting required, we minimize the risk of scratching. The result is high barrier metallization with high optical density. 

Or choose our demetallization process to create an attention-demanding, metalized package substrate with one or multiple windows.    

  • Twist Wrap
  • Flow Wrap
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Twist Close
  • Pouches & bags
  • Nobody does twist wrap the way we do!

    • Twist wrap is the classic and elegant solution for confectionary piece wrap
    • Wide array of products to fit  machines and products of all types and sizes
    • Single-web twist films are completely free from phthalates, bisphenol-A, dioxins, PVC, and other additives
    • Twist wrap structures available in multiple thicknesses and finishes to fit virtually any product and application
    • Ultrawrap
      • Well suited for - cut n’ wrap, preformed candy & chocolates, and envelope-style fold applications
      • Excellent twist retention and dead-fold properties
      • Exceptional gloss and clarity
      • Superior cellophane alternative
      • Available custom printed in clear, white, metallized, matte and glossy
    • CPP Twist Wrap
      • Made specifically for pre-formed hard candy or chocolate truffles
      • Excellent twist retention
      • Exceptional gloss and clarity
      • Superior to cellophane
      CPP Twist Wrap
    • Foil Twist
      • Well suited for sachet-style single twist applications without a liner
      • Film with laminated foil strips for a distinctly European luxury look and feel
      • Excellent twist retention and dead-fold properties
      • Reverse printed for superior optics
      Foil Twist
    • Paperex
      • Well suited for cut n’ wrap applications and  pre-formed candy
      • Plastic twist film with a wax paper look and feel
      • Superior to wax paper - remains flexible, will not dry out, does not turn brittle, and will not stick to the candy 
      • Excellent moisture barrier
  • How sweet it is!

    We offer as much flow wrap variety as a candy store, from the most economical, single-web oriented polypropylene (OPP) films to sophisticated laminates with high barrier and hermetic seals, suitable for gas flushing for your most demanding applications. 

    • Available in 
    • Up to 10 color high impact graphics
    • Cold seal applications available
    • SuperSeal
      • Designed for high-speed flow wraps
      • Hermetic seals, suitable for gas-flushing
      • Excellent moisture barrier and hot tack
      • Stiffer than most sealant webs, allows for downgauging
      • Laminated to reverse or surface printed polyethylene terephthalate (PET), oriented polypropylene (OPP), matte OPP or paper
      • Available in clear, white, and tinted
      • Thicknesses range between 0.50 – 3.0 mil
    • Hi-Z
      • High-barrier, metallized sealant web for lamination to PET or OPP
      • Excellent hot tack for high-speed applications that rival cold seal
      • Hermetic seals, suitable for gas-flushing
      • Barrier properties and seals that are superior to MET OPP and MET PET
      • Reverse print on PET, OPP, or matte OPP
      • Thicknesses range between 0.7 – 1.20 mil
    • Other Flow Wraps & Overwraps
      • Single web oriented polypropylene (OPP), cast polypropylene (CPP), and polyethylene (PE) films for numerous applications
      • Clear, tinted, or metallized
      • OPP/MET OPP or matte OPP/MET OPP laminates available
      Other Flow Wraps & Overwraps
  • Satisfying the craving for bright & shiny foil packaging!

    • Unsupported aluminum foil and foil laminates for chocolate, chewing gum, wine capsules, and much more
    • In-line efficiently: beautiful emboss foil and films in line 
    • Registered printing on both sides of your foil wrapper
    • Up to 10 Color high impact graphics
    • Food safety first: food grade inks for registered images on both sides of wrapper
    • FoilWrap
      • Unsupported foil for wrapping of chocolates, confections, and nutraceuticals
      • Embossed and heatseal lacquered also available
      • Excellent dead-fold
      • Thicknesses between 9 – 50 micron
    • PolyFoil
      • Puncture resistant foil/film laminate, ideal for products with hard edges or sharp corners
      • Extremely thin-gauge poly laminated to foil
      • Excellent tamper resistance
      • Exceptional dead fold
      • Excellent barrier
  • Satisfy the craving for freshness & convenience: innovative twist to reclose packaging film!

    • Innovative twist to reclose packaging film for snacks and treats that recloses with a simple twist!
    • Foil strips provide excellent memory for easy reclosing
    • Laminated to metallized or clear high-barrier films for a wide range of packaging options
    • Narrow “tube style” pouch or flow wrap that twists to close
    • Twist close

      Innovative packaging film that provides ultimate consumer snacking convenience!

      • Ideal for small, portable snacks enjoyed on the go
      • Mess-free, spill-free design
      • Works with both VFFS and HFFS
      • High barrier film available
      • Clear window for product viewing
      Twist close
  • Engage your customer with your packaging!

    • Pre-made pouches in all sizes and styles
    • Two compartment pouches available for sharables
    • Expanded gamut or 10-colour flexographic printing on premium substrates with special effects and varnishes
    • Candy
      • In-house design and prepress to assist you in designing packages that stand out on the shelf
      • Consumer convenience features – zippers, handles, Velcro®, peel-reseal for multi-use
      • Available in rollstock for HFFS and VFFS machines
    • EZ Tear Film
      • Co-extruded PE sealant web that tears easily in the machine direction
      • Ideal for stand-up pouch material
      • 2 ply or 3 ply laminates
      • Available in thicknesses ranging from 2-3 mil
      EZ Tear Film
    • PeelSeal 
      • Easy open polypropylene based sealant web
      • Hermetic seals, suitable for gas flushing to protect the product
      • Lap-sealable, making it ideal for quad-seal stand-up pouches
      • Best suited for triplex laminations of bags and pouches
      • 1.6mil thickness standard. Custom sizes also available.