Chemicals & Minerals


Keeping Your Chemicals in the Bag

Our team is here to support you in delivering on the needs of the market. We appreciate the unique and rigorous demands of the industry and are poised to deliver. 

We create plastic flexible packaging solutions, specific to the chemicals and minerals industry, that will keep your products safe until they are ready to be used in manufacturing or with the consumer.

With numerous options to fit your product and your filling machine, we’ll create a tailored solution to deliver your level of barrier, U.V., and corrosion resistance, while maintaining reliable pallatization.

PERFORM with films that keep your operation humming, have proven high-speed machinability and allow you to attain optimal filling and processing efficiency. 

PROTECT your product with custom crafted structures that deliver the highest standard of puncture resistance to stand up to the rigors of the environment, the demands of the product, and distribution.

PRONOUNCE your brand message with exceptional packaging graphics. Our color management expertise ensures your package will shine. Is your message sustainability? We’ll deliver on that need without sacrifice.



Bottom Seal Open Mouth Poly Bags (BSOM)

Ideal for salt pellets and fertilizer. These bags are made from continuous tubing which reduces seal surfaces to prevent product loss.
  • Heavy duty, leak and moisture resistant to maintain bag integrity

  • Reduced shrinkage and product loss for less waste

  • Various extrusion films available for custom needs including low melt for batch inclusion, and high temperature blends

  • Customizable to your specifications (size and printing options)

  • High seal performance packages contents securely to prevent gaps on closure.


ADSL/Poly Valve Bags

Ideal for petrochemicals, flaked or prilled minerals, fertilizers, and salts. 
  • Rugged, easy to fill and self-closing

  • Offers protection against moderate environmental conditions

  • Various extrusion films available for custom needs including low melt for batch inclusion, and high temperature blends

  • High filling rates to increase line speed - excellent for highly automated systems

  • Off-set pinhole perforations for sift-proof capabilities

  • Up to 10" top and bottom for easy filling

  • Improves pallet footprint to increase warehouse efficiency

Printed Poly Tubing

Ideal for petrochemicals, flaked or prilled minerals, and pelleted salt.
  • Most dependable FFS construction with tight package for best footprint

  • Custom extruded film available in several varieties for unique product needs

  • Minimal seal surfaces to maintain package strength and integrity

  • Large rolls for reduced roll changes to ensure throughput

  • Gusseted tubing designed for fully automated form, fill & seal (FFS) machines

  • Available plain or with random or registered print


Poly Side Seal Open Mouth

Ideal for sand, stone, fertilizer and halite.
  • Customized laminated bag with eye-catching graphics enables better branding and greater shelf presence

  • Available with handles, bottom gussets, offset lip for convenience optimization

  • Custom engineered construction


Poly R Pac / Back Valve Bag 

Ideal for powdered chemicals, ice melt and fertilizers 
  • One or two-ply construction for durability

  • Low melt for batch inclusion options

  • Back valve for easy filling eliminating the need for standard bag closure equipment
  • Handles, pockets, perfing, powder venting, embossing for convenience optimization 

  • Customizable with side gusset 

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