“On-Demand” inline/offline bagging equipment for Fresh, Refrigerated Boneless Meat that reduces waste,  saves cost, and drives efficiencies.

Versaflex in-line off-line bagging equipment® eliminates the headache of managing pre-bag inventories while saving both time and money by utilizing tubestock to create specific bag lengths to correctly fit your fresh meat cuts.

This tubestock-based, on-demand bag making system can save your operation 10% or more on pre-made inventory expense. Simple to integrate, there are no setup costs, lead times, pallet minimums or warehousing expenses, you can recognize immediate savings and efficiencies.  



Simple & Efficient 

  • Customized bag sizes online, on-demand
  • Print online, date & time stamping, logos, USDA marks, lot tracing
  • Simple and robust design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Works seamlessly with Clearshield® & Nextrus® TubeStock


  • Presents cost savings through reduced inventory
  • Reduces waste
  • Allows for versatile processing
  • Eliminates product obsolescence
  • Increases fulfillment speeds
  • Improves traceability

Supported by Exceptional Service

  • Enhanced technical service covers repairs, maintenance, and more
  • Installation and training included 
  • Inline and offline equipment options