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Timeless Treasures Protected with Dartek® Film

Does the storage and movement of fine masterpieces and expensive artwork keep you up at night? Museum curators rely on the performance of Dartek® films for wrapping, handling, transporting and storing of paint­ ings and fine art. How does Dartek® offer enduring performance?

Dartek® is tough enough to resist punctures while creating a barrier against gases, greases, oils and chemicals. Dartek® film is soft yet conformable to your object, providing high integrity in wrapping and handling. Plus, its clarity allows you to view the contents through the film. For those who work in art preservation, Dartek® nylon 6,6 film can be used on vacuum hot tables. And, when the time comes to unveil the art, Dartek® offers good release for ease of removal.


Product List
Dartek® Cast Films


Dartek® is soft and conforms well yet is tough enough for high integrity in wrapping and handling. Ideal for storing or transporting paintings and fine art and often used as a membrane on vacuum hot tables used in painting conservation.
  • Absorbs up to 10% of its weight in moisture, resulting in greater pliability over irregular surfaces
  • Barrier to gases, greases, oils and chemicals
  • Excellent formability - cold conformability in bagging applications and hot thermoformability in vacuum hot tables used in painting conservation
  • Softer and conforms better than Mylar (PET) films
  • Film clarity for optimal visibility of contained products through the film
  • Ideal for shadowboxing
  • Thin gauge for improved cost-effectiveness and reduced waste
  • Available up to 88 inches wide - perfect for large works of art

Dartek®C-917 Film is available in a range of widths, gauges and roll sizes.

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