Our Commitment

At TC Transcontinental, our desire to contribute to the development of sustainable business practices is firmly rooted in our values.

Over time and through our quest for long-term profitable growth, we have nurtured an integrated approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). From our first Environmental Policy in 1993, to the 2012 update of our Paper Purchasing Policy and the release of our successive three-year CSR plans, we have shown, and continue to show, proven leadership in this regard. 

Our commitment is framed within a well-defined CSR governance structure. Our Steering Committee, comprised of members representing all our business sectors, defines priorities, establishes performance metrics and ensures the Corporation strives towards achieving its objectives by executing on its plans. 

We know that our stakeholders’ contribution is integral to our approach and to our continuity. Therefore, in 2018, we put in place a large-scale stakeholder consultation program on sustainability issues, as we had done in 2015. We surveyed our employees, suppliers, customers and investors to determine several social responsibility issues of interest to them. Our 2019-2021 CSR Plan entitled Acting Together unveils 11 specific and quantifiable targets, with respect to four axes. We are committed to publishing annual progress reports to disclose our data and outline our progression relative to established performance indicators.

Our people


TARGET 1     Maintain a safe and healthy work environment
  • Reduce the total incident rate (incidents per 200,000 worked hours) by 15% for our Printing and Packaging sectors
TARGET 2     Move towards a more balanced gender representation in leadership
  • Ensure at least 30% of female representation on the Board of Directors
  • Have at least 3 women on the Executive Management Committee
  • Reach 30% of women in executive and management positions

TARGET 3     Develop our talent

  • Annual performance reviews to be completed for 100% of salaried employees


Our operations


TARGET 4     Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 5%1

TARGET 5     Optimize waste management

  • Aim for zero non-hazardous waste to landfill in our operating business units

TARGET 6     Ensure food safety and quality

  • Obtain a GFSI-recognized food safety certification for all our direct-food contact packaging facilities


1 Refers to absolute emissions from Scope 1 (direct emissions from owned or controlled sources) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy)

Our products


TARGET 7     Promote the use of sustainable materials

  • 100% of our paper purchases to come from third-party certified or recycled sources
  • By 2025, achieve a 10% use of post-consumer recycled content on average by weight across all plastic packaging in our product offering

TARGET 8     Design for end-of-life

  • By 2025, 100% of our plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable

TARGET 9     Focus on product research and development

  • Invest at least 1% of our Packaging Sector’s annual revenues in research and development


Our communities


TARGET 10     Invest in our communities

  • Over 3 years, donate $5M in financial contributions, goods and services to organizations, projects and programs that support the communities in which we operate

TARGET 11     Foster employee engagement

  • All business units to participate annually in at least one initiative making a positive impact in their community



Our commitment towards the United Nations Global Compact
In 2020, we joined the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary initiative through which signatory companies commit to aligning their approach to social responsibility with universal principles relating to human rights, labour standards and environmental protection. Of the international sustainable development goals defined by the Global Compact, we have selected 7 goals that are fully aligned with the targets of our three-year Acting Together plan and our policies:

UN Global Compact goals - TC Transcontinental

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