Packaging and Films that Work as Hard as Your Products!

When it comes to providing reliable and durable packaging for industrial and chemical applications, North America’s top companies have chosen TC Transcontinental Packaging as a trusted partner. We take immense pride in the vital role we play in our customer’s packaging supply chain and are motivated to drive successful outcomes for them.

We design tough, rugged packaging solutions. Packaging that is developed to meet your precise requirements and is suited to stand up to the most challenging environments for markets as demanding as building materials, chemicals, minerals, and more. You can expect superior performance that protects your brand and your business. We continue to hone our extrusion expertise and drive innovation by developing industry-leading, well-known films such as Dartek™ for this market’s complex needs.

There’s nothing our team finds more inspiring then helping our customers attain their packaging goals, find a sustainable solution, help overcome a challenge, or gain an advantage. We care, and have the team, tools, technology, manufacturing platform, and expertise to solve problems and innovate. All to bolster your success.  We’ll work as hard for you as our packaging does to protect your products.



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The construction market will continue to rebound and grow. One area of expected growth is the expansion and construction of new healthcare facilities around the U.S. to support hospitals and provide beds for the patients who need them the most. (Freedonia)

When deciding on a partner to meet the challenging needs of your construction or chemical products think TC Transcontinental Packaging. We’ll deliver packaging that protects your product through the supply chain, fits your filling needs, and maintains equipment speeds.


The Mix to Meet Your Needs

We create functional packaging to meet your precise needs. Products that ensure safety, can withstand the elements, prevent leaching, have superior moisture, oxygen, and oxidation barrier, stand up to corrosive products, have U.V. stability and high heat tolerance.  

They are also built with anti-static, are ventable, and can be securely palletized.

It doesn’t end there. Sold at retail? Our award-winning 10-color printing will make certain that you stand out on the shelf. 

Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation and sustainability drive us. Our R&D Team supported by full-service analytical and test labs are equipped to meet your evolving needs.

If you are looking for a sustainable solution to your package by incorporating recycled resin, or reducing your environmental footprint, down-gauging, or batch-inclusion packaging, whatever the innovation challenge may be – we’ll work to solve it for you. 


We Do It All In-House 

Our vertically integrated operations that include R&D, prepress, extruding, laminating, high-quality printing and converting provide us with the ability to have great control over innovation, quality, and performance.  Our multi-location platform provides peace of mind and redundancy.

Extensive expertise in extrusion enables us to scientifically develop complex layered structures and laminates for all applications. Our offering provides a wide spectrum of functional plastic flexible packaging that delivers protection, ensures safety, and withstands transit supply chain rigor, while preserving product efficacy.


We’re in the Trenches with You – Providing Service Excellence Every Step of the Way

We look at the big picture to support you. You have an entire team behind you from our R&D specialists to support product development and innovation, through to extrusion masters to develop a custom-tailored structure, and in-field technical support to make sure our films and bags are performing as anticipated.  
We aim to be nimble and uncomplicated. We’re here to help you manage your inventory needs with personalized make and hold programs, provide you with choices by presenting a vast range of custom solutions and sizes, offer unbeatable lead times, and low MOQ’s, so that you can respond to your market needs. Our bags and films are tough – our service level makes it easy.

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There’s so much more we have to offer.  We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and learn more about your flexible packaging quest. We care, and will deliver a solution to satisfy your needs!