Printed shrink film solutions that unwrap the alternatives

You want the best packaging for your products. Our printed shrink films have the clear edge over labels, printed inserts, paperboard packaging, and other alternatives. You get enhanced product presentation and shelf appeal with high-quality graphics. And besides a superior look, our shrink film materials deliver greater package integrity. Then there’s the improved packaging efficiencies that come from eliminating extra packaging elements.

Shrink Films

Perhaps most important of all, our proven precision placement of text and graphics provides design and information consistency.  And we’re constantly working on the next innovation through our in-house engineering and R & D teams combined with coast-to-coast field technical support.

Integritite PCR products

  • We use only the finest clarity, gloss and memory films to assure appropriate strength and shelf appeal
  • Surface and reverse printing including registered coatings available
  • In-house development lab that tests seal strengths and shrinkage
  • Pre-distortion technology for graphics management on shrink film packaging
  • State-of-the-art 100% digital high definition color managed workflow
  • Wide web printing available for larger profile items
  • Experts in printing on light gauge shrink films down to 30 gauge
  • Printing available on treated and untreated substrates
  • Multiple printing techniques to choose from

Polyolefin Shrink Films

  • Source reduction benefits
  • Retail display appeal
  • Optimized production line efficiencies
  • Differentiator in consumer marketplace
  • Maintains graphics integrity through distribution cycle

Polyethylene Shrink Films

  • Integritite® durable proprietary blend shrink films for beverage packaging
  • High performance blends that are ideal for case wrapping, multipacks, tall bottles, and much more!
  • Printed and unprinted options
  • Exceptional and consistent performance on all types of machinery
  • Potential to down gauge film